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 CuteFTP Jun 2, 2010 9429
CuteFTP is a file transfer application that's easy for beginners to use and has enough features to be useful to power users as well. From simple file transfers to Web site management, this client does just about anything. It uses drag and drop, bookmarks, automatic renaming, and download re...
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 CuteFTP Pro Jun 2, 2010 5438
CuteFTP Pro integrates state-of-the-art security standards including SSL via FTP and HTTP, SSH2 and advanced S/ KEY password encryption to ensure that confidential business data stays that way. You can maximize bandwidth throughput, download from multiple sites while uploading or browsing, automa...
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 CuteHTML Feb 17, 2006 2314
Went on a spree trying dozens of editors? Try CuteHTML and you will surely fall for it! Web page editing can become a bitter experience unless you use CuteHTML editor! With this software you can create really prominent HTML documents! CuteHTML is a powerful Windows-based HTML text editor that provid...
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 CuteSITE Builder 3 Feb 8, 2006 1435
Want to create professional nice-looking websites fast and easy without knowing HTML, FTP or graphic design? Then CuteSITE Builder 3 is just the ticket! CuteSITE Builder 3 features include smart site management, professionally designed page templates, easy WYSIWYG editing, powerful table editor,...
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 CuteMAP Apr 4, 2004 564
Creating "hot" spots on your web site graphics has never been easier! Simply select the areas of the picture that you want "hot", and tell CuteMAP® where you want the link to point. CuteMAP automatically creates the image map for you. It's that easy! For hassle-free Web graphic navigation, downloa...
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 CuteZIP Jan 12, 2004 145
CuteZIP® offers superior ease-of-use, plus powerful security and archiving features for the most versatile compression utility on the market. You can password protect your archives and choose the level of security to be used, whether industry standard zip or maximum-security 128-bit Twofish encryp...
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