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 Ultimate Card Tracker Feb 29, 2004 296
We developed Ultimate Card Tracker to help you, the card collector, manage your sport card collection. We found that the card tracking products out there now are inadequate and do nothing to help the collector. The products we found were like keeping your collection on a spreadsheet, which is alm...
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 AccuChef Feb 29, 2004 271
AccuChef? is recipe software that allows you to collect, exchange and organize your recipes and much more. Print out cookbooks, create web pages, print a shopping list (in store aisle order), organize your coupons, perform nutritional analysis, cost your recipes, print out index cards, email...
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 CollegeBAR Feb 29, 2004 184
CollegeBAR is the program made specifically for those of you out there that are stuck in the rut of drinking the same one or two mixed cocktails over and over again. CollegeBAR is made up of a database of 11, 600+ drinks. This allows the user to type in the liquors he/ she has available, and Col...
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 TarotEase Feb 29, 2004 162
TarotEase is back, and it's better than ever! TarotEase 2.0 has a new look and is much easier to use. TarotEase is an easy to use tool for helping you read tarot cards. It does not deal and read the cards for you, but it does put the meanings of each card only a mouse click away. It's easy interfa...
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 Schematic it simple Feb 29, 2004 155
Schematic it simple is a program that allows easy funtionality additions to the paint program for drawing electronic circuits, saving them and printing them out. because the paint program from windows is used in conjuction with the program most users will already be familier with its operations abi...
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 Shopping List! Feb 29, 2004 147
Shopping List! - Have a more productive day by planning what you want to do before you leave the house. Make, well..., shopping lists (of course), or any other sort of list of things to do or remember! WaverlyStreet Home How To Contact Us General Information. Shopping List! - Have a more product...
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 Fishing Pro Feb 29, 2004 128
Using Quick Fishing Pro is the easiest way to keep track of your past fishing trips, fishing tips found in newspapers and magazines and planning future trips. Instantly begin entering fishing trips Separate freshwater and saltwater fishing trips Use information found on the web to plan fishin...
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 BarBack for Windows Feb 29, 2004 127
Bartenders drink database with over 10, 400 drinks. Extensive search capabilities including by name, by ingredient, by recipe and by glassware. Includes recommended glassware for every drink. Includes Liquor Cabinet feature where you select the ingredients you have and BarBack gives you the drinks...
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 C2PRO 2.0/2.1 Beta Feb 29, 2004 106
The #1 award winning choice in quality software designed for specifically for card collectors who want the most out of their sports and non-sports trading card collections! Rated a 5 Star Editor's Pick by ZDNet! Powerful, yet easy to use, C2PRO's intuitive interface enables the computer NOVICE t...
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 SpaceCAD Feb 29, 2004 104
SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER UNTIL NOVEMBER 1, 2002: 10.00 OFF - YOU SAVE 17% SpaceCAD 3 offers you all the tools and features you need to design and build your own model rockets. You can see your rocket in 3D and 2D and zoom your rocket. SpaceCAD offers a lot of printout features that save you time...
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