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 AuctionBrowser Aug 6, 2004 100
Quickly search 4 auction sites for items that you are looking for. All you have to do is type in the item that you are looking for and it searches ebay, yahoo, bidbay and amazon's auctions for it. It opens up multiple frames for each auction site that reveals the results....
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 StampManage Feb 29, 2004 99
StampManage 2002 is the best way to organize and value your stamp collection. Features include a huge pre-defined database complete with images, and indexed by the SCOTT (tm) numbering system. Easily attach images to your records and print out reports in several different formats. Create sophis...
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 The Aircrew Logbook Feb 29, 2004 99
"The Aircrew Logbook" allows professional aircrew (on both sides of the flight deck door), private pilots, hobbyists and "Flight Simulator" fans to log their flying hours. It requires Windows 95, 98, NT4 or 2000 (or later). It is fully functional except that until you register it imposes a limit...
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 Old Maps: Cities (NE) Feb 29, 2004 99
27 old maps of big cities with artistic "worn" borders as well as captions about the towns and an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. These cities include Brooklyn, Harrisburg, Boston, Pittsburg, Newark and more! Our companies favorite series? Old Maps! See old-time maps from the late 1800?...
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 CoinManage Feb 29, 2004 92
CoinManage is a program for managing your coin collection. Features include a database of more than 16, 000 US, Canadian and English coins, images of all major type (and most design changes), and values for US, UK and Canadian coins. A new View window allows you easily view your collection in m...
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 Home Video Library Deluxe Edition Nov 19, 2002 88
Maintain your video collection with Home Video Library Deluxe Edition ver 4.0 Two pages of data fields for tracking VHS, Laserdisc, and DVD movies. Enter standard information such as title, actors or actresses, rating, and label, and also track the producer, cinematographer art director, c...
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 Practice Master Feb 29, 2004 88
In these days of long work hours, family commitments and other pressures, I found it was difficult to find the time to practice my guitar. I designed Practice Master as an aid to help me get the most out of my guitar practice time. By timing the tasks you want to complete, based on the total time...
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 Cookbook Feb 29, 2004 87
Cookbook! is a recipe database management system for Windows 95. You may create your own categories and then add recipes to your database. You may also edit, print, copy, mail or save your recipes as a text file. You may also import text files when adding new recipes. The download version is a de...
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 Book Collector Pro Feb 29, 2004 83
Easily track your books and manuals. Quick, powerful sorting makes referencing your materials very easy. From the smallest collections to the largest libraries, Book Collector Pro is exactly what you need to organize your information....
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 I Ching Nov 19, 2002 77
I Ching software (the book of changes). This famous Chinese divinatory art will help you find solutions for your daily problems and guide you to the road of success. English version with animation and music....
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