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 Abibok HyperBricks Jan 28, 2004 66
Abibok HyperBricks is HTML-editor. It is possible to divide the most of popular HTML-editors on two categories - WYSIWYG-editors and tag editors. WYSIWYG-editors use visual tools for pages creating. Its basic imperfection is ineffective generated code. Therefore, some professionals prefer to use ta...
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 B3 HTML Studio Sep 11, 2002 63
Unique? So why is [B3 HTML Studio] so unique? The answer is that: it is the first HTML authoring environment to fully use Internet Explorer for rendering = you get 100% WYSIWYG in IE. You might say "so what", you are just using the built-in editing capabilities of IE - but this is not true! HTML St...
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 Interspector 2.17 (French/English) May 6, 2003 60
Interspector is a code-based HTML/ XHTML/ XML editor. An inovative approach allows Interspector to massively decrease web site maintenance time by eliminating repetitions....
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 Enhanced HTML Jan 28, 2004 59
Enhanced HTML editor is a complete solution for creating and updating your web pages. Use the templates and wizards to create the basic layout, the image browser to choose and organise your pictures, and the autotype to quickly add tags and fine-tune attributes. Instantly preview your work in vari...
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 EmEditor Professional Jun 24, 2004 59
With EmEditor Professional, a text editor for Windows, you can create functionally-rich macros using JavaScript or VBScript, allowing you to define most operations. Not only can you define a macro which records keystrokes that you use and reference repeatedly, but you can also write your own ma...
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 HTMLSpy Jan 28, 2004 58
HTMLSpy is a tool for who are learning html and who want to know how are created the best sites in the world. You visit sites, collect html sources and them part for using in own pages. Other HTMLSpy function is visual validation of html code. If source has error(s) the first line does not retur...
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 SNK WebOffice PE Jan 28, 2004 58
Visual HTML Workshop Standard, included in WebOffice Personal Edition (with some additional tools, such as SDK, stand-alone FTP client and simple notepad-like editor), provide strong project management, automatic upload wizard, and many tools for work with HTML. New version also support XHTML ...
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 EZ Html Ad Designer Pro Sep 13, 2004 57
Ez to use wysiwyg html ad page designer editor makes it a snap to design html auction ad's for ebay or any other auction site as well as websites or html email. Features a full featured point and click html editor like frontpage and a built in web browser to make listing your ad designs without eve...
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 Sferyx JSyndrome HTMLEditor Light Jan 28, 2004 57
Sferyx JSyndrome HTMLEditor Applet Edition is a full featured visual HTML Editor Java Applet built with JDK v1.4. It is intended for java developers as well for webmasters, designers and any kind of end users which may need to incorporate advanced HTML authoring into their websites. It is ready for...
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 BitShape iEdit Jan 28, 2004 56
BitShape iEdit is an advanced text editor for web-programmers and web-designers with highlighting of HTML, PHP, XML, VB, Perl, SQL and C/ C++ code, template system and number of tools that easier HTML coding. BitShape iEdit is an excellent solution for web-programmers, who use ASP or PHP is ...
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