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 PageUpdater Jan 28, 2004 53
PageUpdater is an HTML utility for Web Masters. Web Masters may designate pages of a web site and/ or sections of pages for their clients to update by themselves. The clients use PageUpdater's standard text editor to modify the web pages. They do not need to know anything about HTML or FTP upload...
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 Hutmil (Full Version) Jan 28, 2004 53
Hutmil is a multiple HTML file changer used for website maintenance and management. Hutmil lets you change several things in hundreds of HTML files at once, without having to change everything in each file individually....
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 Interspector 2.0 + HTML plug-ins Jan 28, 2004 52
InterspectorTM is a code-based HTML/ XHTML/ XML editor. An inovative approach allows Interspector to massively decrease web site maintenance time by eliminating repetitions. Cut maintenance time in HALF. Key features Smart Tokens. Edit repetitive text only once. Sections. Organize text for easy r...
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 Visual Webcreator Aug 12, 2004 50
Visual Webcreator is a html editor. In Visual Webcreator, both amateurs and professionals can create advanced websites with only a few clicks. When you create websites in Visual Webcreator, you do it in a WYSIWYG environment. That means you can see how the site will appear as you develop it, s...
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Easily edit your web pages or make auction ad's and email with this wysiwyg html editor with professional results. Features built in internet explorer preview, full source code text editor , links for your ftp and your image editor software. Edits templates. Tables , font styles and colors , ...
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 Alligator Snap Feb 16, 2004 48
Snap together your own webpages in 3 easy steps. You don't need any prior experience - Alligator Snap comes with pre-designed Web templates and loads of great features. Additional templates can be downloaded and installed for free from within the program itself. Help is always at hand with online he...
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 FAQBuilder Jan 28, 2004 47
A Program that will generate and store FAQ information in html or plain text format....
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 HTMLXpress Online HTML Editor Nov 15, 2002 39
HTMLXpress is an ActiveX component for online HTML creation and management. HTMLXpress usage can be done online and offline. It can successfully create HTML documents completely ready for online publication and/ or database insertion. It incorporates direct conversion from MS Word and MS Excel table...
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 HandyHTML Studio 3 - Personal Licence Sep 20, 2004 37
HandyHTML Studio 3 is a powerful web development package that supports any development language and comes with the pre-installed support for HTML / CSS / JavaScript / ASP / PHP / PERL / JAVA / XML and C++. The package offers an extensive set of features to make the web developer's life easier...
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 PageLock Website Copy Protection Aug 25, 2004 33
Protect your website's HTML code and design from theft using this easy to use program. PageLock encodes HTML in a way that makes it difficult to make unauthorised copies whilst still allowing the resulting webpage to be displayed in a JavaScript compatible web browser without disruption to its des...
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