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 Adobe Illustrator Interface Improver Apr 13, 2004 220
The most common interface problem of "big" programs, that have a huge amount of great functions is interface "overweightness". There are so much toolbars, palettes and other "secondary windows"... If you have all them visible, you are able to use only a small part of the screen for designing. To ...
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 Calendar Wizard for CorelDRAW 10 Apr 13, 2004 163
This VBA macro allows to generate various calendar grids in different languages and layouts...
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 PhotoThumb for registered SuperCat users Apr 13, 2004 160
PhotoThumb is a powerful digital photography toolkit for Windows 9x, NT4, Me, 2000 and XP. Including many useful features, like the ability to create clickable thumbnails and web pages, a fast, high-quality image browser, CSS-support, EXIF viewer and IPTC editor, slideshow, batch renaming,...
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 Zoner Draw 4 - German Apr 13, 2004 148
Zoner Draw 4 helps you quickly and easily draw graphics that meet your widest possible needs. Use it to create brochures and leaflets, illustrations, business cards, price lists, letterheads, postcards, titles, greeting cards, maps, building plans, and more. Its clean, intuitive, and wel...
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 PlanoGraphics 1.5 for Windows Apr 13, 2004 147
The Fastest way to Build Stunning Photo Realistic Planograms. PlanoGraphics 2.5 sets the standard for affordable planogramming software. PlanoGraphics 2.5 goes one step further than traditional planogramming software, with advanced graphics features, automated planogramming, wizards that guide yo...
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 Cover Master Apr 13, 2004 143
Cover Master is an enhanced 'media cover' printing utility, which was created to make printing your media covers much easier. The trial version of Cover Master will run for 14 days. After this trial period you can register your copy of Cover Master for only $14.95....
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 ArtStudio Apr 13, 2004 141
ArtStudio is a new medium for creating art. With it, you can combine images, drawings, text and sounds to create artwork files that can then be played on your desktop, website, or as a screen saver. An artwork file consists of layers. Each layer can be a drawing, image or text and can fade in...
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 PDSYMS DWG Apr 13, 2004 138
PDSYMS v2.0 is an Architectural/ Interiors Symbols Library Add-on for all CADD packages running on all platforms and Operating Systems, including but not limited to: IntelliCAD (2000 and higher), Microstation, eCADlite, CADvance, TurboCAD, GenericCADD, DataCAD, AutoSketch, QuickCADD, Visua...
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 E-CARD XPRESS Apr 13, 2004 124
E-Card Xpress combines text, graphics editing, and E-mail to let you create colorful graphic postcards and deliver them instantly by E-mail using a built-in E-mail client. Use a whiteboard to design your E-card from scratch, , or embellish your graphic images and photos with text, line or graphi...
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 LT Express Utilities Apr 13, 2004 122
LT Express is very easy to use and is integrated in the AutoCAD LT menu and in the tool bar, making it easier to locate and use. The icons used for the different functions are similar to those used in AutoCAD, which means they are easy to visualize and to use. LT Express speeds up work with layer...
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