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 PhotoNoter Apr 13, 2004 85
PhotoNoter is the most powerful and most interesting photo annotating software. You can annotate you photo using any fonts in you computer; you can write to your photo in any place; you can move, rotate, scale, shear the text on the photo; you can set the background color and transparency as well...
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 CrvPLOT Dec 24, 2003 80
CrvPLOT is a general purpose data plotting and curve fitting program. CrvPLOT is available in both DOS and Windows versions. The Windows version can read any DOS version data file....
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 Projectname Manager Apr 13, 2004 79
"AutoCAD uses 'projectnames' to better manage drawings. With each projectname, a different search path can be set for finding XREF drawings. For a large office, managing these projectnames and their associated paths can be difficult. Projectname Manager allows easy storage, manipulation, and ...
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 PDSYMS DXF Apr 13, 2004 76
PDSYMS v2.0 is an Architectural/ Interiors Symbols Library Add-on for all CADD packages running on all platforms and Operating Systems, including but not limited to: IntelliCAD (2000 and higher), Microstation, eCADlite, CADvance, TurboCAD, GenericCADD, DataCAD, AutoSketch, QuickCADD, Visua...
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 Image Constructor Apr 13, 2004 62
Image Constructor helps you to create pictures in form of texts and small images over some background with picture or gradient fill and import them to graphical files. With Image Constructor you can: create illustrations as some set of small images with texts; move and edit objects in your pictures...
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 Print Pilot Apr 13, 2004 60
Print Pilot - photo printing software. Organize your digital photos on a single page and print them out: Drag the files to the "paper"...
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 Menu Update 2002 Apr 13, 2004 49
For large offices that have their own custom AutoCAD menu, Menu Update helps simplify the distribution of menu changes to all users. If everyone uses the menu files directly from a shared location, you cannot change the master menu file, because the files are locked. Instead, place copies of th...
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 Sagrada Familia Royaly-Free Photo Collection Apr 13, 2004 48
Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain), Royalty-Free Stock Photo Image Collection on CD. Captured in beautiful digital images, captioned and keyworded with minute detail and accuracy, our growing royalty-free stock photo collection is all you need ...
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 APFill Aug 18, 2004 46
If you have printer that you, understand that at a printing of a sheet with the text and at a printing of a sheet with figure on all sheet, the different quantity of toner (ink, ...). What does mean the mysterious phrase in the instruction to the printer that it can print with one cartridge 2000 ...
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 Pro Grapher Sep 20, 2004 41
Pro Grapher is a vector graphics platform oriented for creating business and technology solutions. Based on COM technology it can be used by other applications to process graphic documents, analyze and visualize any kind of processes. Whether you're designing for any purposes, Pro Grapher is th...
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