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 Digital Camera Poster Creator Jul 1, 2004 57
Digital Camera Poster Creator lets you create photo quality posters of any size and shape from your digital images. Our exclusive Edge Calibration technology ensures top quality results by measuring and compensating for the characteristics of your individual printer. Additional features such as zo...
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 Super Color Picker Apr 14, 2004 56
Super Color Picker is a smart color picking tool that can pick color from anywhere on the screen. After picking, it shows you the color code in different format, e.g. RGB, HSL, HTML, Delphi, C++ and VB. You can copy the code to clipboard and use it in other programs. It has a friendly and easy...
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 SIMAGIS Apr 14, 2004 54
Smart Imaging Spreadsheet or SIMAGIS is an image processing and analysis platform combining features of digital photo album, spreadsheet and imaging applications. It is based on tables with cells, which can contain and process images, numeric and textual data, graphs, vector graphics, Web-page...
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 PhotoThumb Apr 14, 2004 54
A fast and easy-to-use thumbnail creator and image viewer for Windows. Featuring a fast image display engine, slideshow features and lossless rotation of JPEG images, PhotoThumb is a handy tool for image collectors and digital camera owners....
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 ScreenDiscoverer Apr 23, 2004 54
ScreenDiscoverer is a reliable ever-useful tool for zooming, color picking and snapshoting. It allows user to accomplish various tasks such as retrieving the magnification scale of the objects, screenshot making, choosing a color swatch from wherever you want and displaying the color info in all...
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 ASCIIArtMaker Jun 23, 2004 53
This little software is able to transform a JPEG or BMP file in a text file (that you can read with a text editor). Pale and dark zones are replaced with thousands of ASCII chars. The result prints like with a pin printer ! It's an old souvenir from the eighties ;-) Fantastic for creating very lig...
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 iTray Aug 21, 2004 53
View and refine images dropped from folders and browsers. Present images in a paramount, crystal-clear magnifier. Capture anything on the screen....
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 602PHOTO SUITE Aug 10, 2004 53
602PHOTO SUITE provides a complete, integrated solution for all your digital photography needs. It offers tools for organizing, editing, archiving, printing and presenting your photos in a slideshow or sharing them on the web. Digital Photo Album Organizer 602Album was designed to organize d...
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 Fluid Vision Watermarker May 10, 2003 53
Watermarker allows you to generate on-the-fly watermarks on your images to protect them against copyright theft and misuse (sample) . It is a standard ActiveX object which can be embedded into any ActiveX compatible development environment eg ASP, VB, C++ etc....
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 Amor Screen Capture Sep 13, 2005 52
Amor Screen Capture is the software for those who need a powerful screen capturing and editing application. This useful tool fast and easily captures any part of your screen: the entire screen, a window, a menu, DirectX sources, DOS screen, digital camera images and any other activity. Make pro...
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