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 VVPhoto Aug 24, 2004 206
VVPhoto is, An Photo Acquirer - From clipboard; Acquire image from URL; Acquire image from Twain Compatible Device; Capture Screen; Set Hot Key to capture screen to file, editor or clipboard; Auto monitor clipboard for Hyperlink(Download) and Image format; An Photo Viewe...
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 ScreenTaker Jan 20, 2005 205
ScreenTaker is wonderful software that allows you taking screenshots of your desktop and windows. When you start your system, ScreenTaker responds to hot-keys combination and saves capture either to clipboard or to predefined directory, or displays "Save As" dialog, for you to decide where you wa...
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 PicViewer Dec 12, 2005 202
PicViewer is wonderful feature-rich image viewer and converter for most common file formats. It was created for you to view your pictures of the most common image file formats, including BMP, ICO, CUR, WMF, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, TIFF, TGA, and PCD. The full list of features: Intuit...
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 EZ-Pix Apr 13, 2004 200
EZ-Pix is fast, highly functional viewer with support for all common image formats. It has an streamlined interface and is simple to use. Despite its simplicity it offers many high-end functions, such as thumbnails, exporting to HTML and thumbsheets, file and image editing functions. Other fe...
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 Poster-Printery Apr 13, 2004 196
Print your own very big posters and pass photos! Scan a picture and print it out very big. You don't need a special printer! The program prints the posters on many pages and you can put them together with glue....
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 Ai Picture Utility Aug 24, 2004 194
Ai Picture Utility (AiPICT) is a versatile Viewer, MediaPlayer, Multimedia Slideshow + Presentation Tool and Image Processor designed for speed and simplicity; novices will avoid learning curves with its intuitive interface and automatic color tuning + balancing functions. Professionals will app...
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 3D Grapher Apr 13, 2004 186
3D Grapher is a powerful but easy-to-use graphing software. It will help you create animated 2D and 3D equation and table-based graphs. You can read information and news of the product, download a full-functional trial version and register it, if you like the program and wish to use it after the e...
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 Red Eye Remover Jul 3, 2004 185
Red Eye Remover is a program that can remove a common "red-eye" effect from your images in an almost automatic mode. Using the advanced science-intensive technology, this program is able to detect a red pupil from the rectangular area, which you specify. The pupil is instantly corrected. So, ...
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 ScreenShot Apr 13, 2004 183
Using your Print Screen key, ScreenShot will capture your present screen and provide you with options to save, modify, email, display, print and copy to clipboard it. One of the most appealing features is the option to choose your shot selection. Shots can be captured in full-screen, active wi...
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 ViewGee Apr 13, 2004 180
ViewGee the powerful and one-of-simplest image viewer and convertor available for Windows! ViewGee is two tools in one. A full-featured image viewer displays your images fast and easy. The image browser/ converter lets you enchanced functions; for fast browsing, converting and printing your image...
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