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 Photo-Paint 9 script converter Apr 13, 2004 177
In Corel PHOTO-PAINT 10 all bitmap effects such as Add Noise, Gaussian Blur and others are completely changed. Instead of old command for Gaussian Blur in Photo-Paint 9 a new command is used in Photo-Paint 10: PP9: .EffectGaussianBlur 5; PP10: .BitmapEffect "Gaussian Blur", "GaussianBlurEffect Ga...
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 NewView Graphics File Viewer Apr 13, 2004 175
Easy to use ! Amazingly powerful ! Browse your system and display, print, and manage images in a wide variety of popular formats. File conversion, orientation, color reduction, and image brightness tools, slideshow, animations, and help provided. Windows', OS/ 2, and OS/ 2 2.x bitmaps (....
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 Easy GIF Animator Aug 24, 2004 173
Easy GIF Animator is small, but powerful utility that helps to create animated GIF images with ease. You can set a variety of options to customize your GIF animation. Easy GIF animator provides high compression and great quality for your GIFs....
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 WizFlow Flowcharter Feb 10, 2006 169
WizFlow Flowcharter tool was created to help you work with flowcharts and similar diagrams. This software helps you draw high-quality flowcharts and diagrams from the scratch easily and instantly. Flowcharting has never been so easy! The program features hundreds of pre-defined flowchart symbols ...
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 Tranz Watermarking System May 10, 2003 169
Tranz allows you to personalise your image files, by being able to place logo's, graphics and text onto images as 'watermarks' so as to maintain copyright ownership over your images. The position and transparency of the watermark can be adjusted, and it works across many bitmap types including Ko...
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 ViewCompanion Pro Apr 13, 2004 168
ViewCompanion? is a powerful application for viewing and printing HPGL and HPGL/ 2 files generated by your CAD program or plotter driver. The HP-RTL format is also supported, so HPGL/ 2 files with embedded pictures will be shown correctly. ViewCompanion can convert the viewed file to many other sta...
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 ImageWolf Apr 13, 2004 160
ImageWolf is an advanced and powerful search tool created to help you search hard to find picture and movie files on the Web using advanced and Boolean syntax. The software searches through the search engine links according to fixed parameters and finds thousands of pictures per hour delivering them...
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 SD Capture Apr 13, 2004 156
SD Capture is a graphics capture utility designed with ease of use and user flexibility as prime considerations. The main user interface for SD Capture offers push button simplicity for the casual or first time user as well as an array of advanced capabilities. Capture any window, active or no...
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 jViewer Apr 14, 2004 150
jViewer is RANWare's brand new image viewer/ browser/ slideshow manager! This single program allows you to do most of your image functions from one simple and easy to use screen. You've download a lot of images from the internet (or news groups) and now it's time to sort through them. One problem is...
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 Eagle Vision 2002 Apr 13, 2004 149
Eagle Vision 2002 is an image viewer, printer, and slide show. It's left side browser lets you pick your directory and you picture. You can do a manual slide show (full screen mode), a slide show with your custom delay, or you can browse through six different types of images (JPG, WMF, GIF, B...
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