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 ImageWalker Dec 15, 2005 120
If you need a powerful cataloguing tool for your images, consider ImageWalker! ImageWalker allows you to manage your image files visually. It was created to simplify the process of viewing, cataloguing, and publishing digital images. Its easy and intuitive Windows Explorer-style interface makes ...
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 BGS Apr 14, 2004 114
BGS gives your computer the ability to automatically download a specified JPEG or GIF file and convert it to BMP format. You then have the option of setting it as wallpaper. You also can load images from your local disk. When connecting to any available Internet BGS/ IS server, you can choose pict...
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 PicShell Apr 14, 2004 108
Incorporate your images into one password protected image viewer, slide show or a screen saver. Images are stored in the generated viewer or screen saver. Just run the generated executable and view your files just like your images are on your hard disk. You can delete your image files after a succe...
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 PhotoCleaner Apr 14, 2004 107
To order the full version of PhotoCleaner please select the number of licenses you need in the box below and click "Order Now" to proceed to the checkout. The transaction will be completed over the secure connection so your personal information cannot be stolen by the bad guys. We accept Visa, Ame...
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 EasyPeg Apr 13, 2004 105
EasyPeg - the easy way to edit your photos! Create Photo Galleries in HTML with the EasyPeg Thumbnail Creator....
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 Capture By George Nov 5, 2005 102
Capture By George is a screen-capturing program for Windows That helps you easily and intuitively make wonderful high-quality screen captures. Its highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes screen capturing an easy task even for the neophyte! Simply select the screen region to capture before p...
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 Access Image Apr 14, 2004 101
Access Image is image editing tool that offers a big set of painting and drawing tools. Features include dockable toolbars, special effects filters, RGB color separation, complete mask image support, multilevel undo, complete layer support, custom Brushes and AirBrush, easy painting and r...
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 BatchConverter Apr 14, 2004 100
Batch convert and resample image files from more than 20 different formats, including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PSD, PSD, and PNG. Batch resampling using high-quality resample filters (Triangle, Hermite, Bell, Spline, Lanczos3, or Mitchell)....
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 Fun Morph May 12, 2009 100
The fast and simple wizard can help you to create photo morphing. Fast and accurate morphing engine allows to preview your designs in real time. You can resize, crop, adjust, enhance and deform your photo using powerful photo editing tools. Share your movie with your friends. Print and mail your ...
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 MavicaZAM! Apr 14, 2004 99
Do you own a Sony Mavica digital camera? If so, you need Mavicazam! Mavicazam makes it easy to copy all your photos from diskette to your computer. Plus, Mavicazam lets you view, print, email, resize, lighten, darken, delete, and copy your pictures, all with just the click of a mouse!...
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