Karraker Computing Service Programs

 Mileage Log Jan 31, 2004 4563
Mileage Log allows mileage and reimbursements to be stored for various activities (i.e. different jobs, charity, medical, etc.) Mileage Log calculates the running total. Data entry and Mileage Log program screens: Purpose - type of activity (business, charity, medical transportation) Comp...
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 Font Printer Feb 29, 2004 389
Font Printer lists current system fonts in the list box on the left. Fonts can then be highlighted and printed....
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 Table Explorer Feb 3, 2004 116
Table Explorer allows users to connect to any ODBC database and: Store common SQL Queries, specific to each DSN. Save contents of database tables to .csv file for use with Excel, etc. Edit contents of table (requires password)....
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 WebInventory Apr 4, 2004 109
WebInventory provides a quick, easy way for merchants to maintain their inventory listings on the Internet without help from a third party. WebInventory creates product summary and individual item webpages to describe inventory. Inventory is kept in a database and pages are generated each time inve...
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 AutoLog Feb 1, 2004 94
Auto Log is a vehicle tracking program that allows the following data and printing options for multiple vehicles: Gasoline usage and mileage Maintenance (both scheduled and unscheduled) Miscellaneous Expenses Notes Tell the mechanic (place to enter small items that need attention on the next...
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 Wheels On The Web Apr 4, 2004 79
Wheels On the Web is software that enables automobile dealerships (new and used) to create an entire Website that contains information on: New Vehicles Used Vehicles Dealership Information Directions Staff Salesperson of the month Financing/ Leasing information Specials Rare new mode...
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 WebFiles Apr 4, 2004 77
WebFiles allows users to organize files for distribution on CD, local servers, or Intranet/ Internet. Files are accessible via a standard Web browser....
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