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 PetFish - Volume 2 Feb 17, 2004 234
Beautiful fish are living in the cyber-ocean. Now, with PetFish Collector, you can invite those virtual fish into your Windows desktop one at a time. This package includes the following fish; Sparkie - Playful Clownfish Harry - Lazy Blowfish Puffy - Affectionate Boxfish Sela - Curious Surgeonfish...
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 Cash Track Feb 17, 2004 228
LOGIC GAMES FOR KIDS provides fifteen programs that challenge a child's thinking skills. The programs are aimed at Grades K through 8, but can be enjoyed by all. Each program in LOGIC GAMES FOR KIDS has a number of playing options to provide a large variety of game situations. CONCENTRATION is the ...
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 ox game Feb 17, 2004 205
Simple and very popular tick-tack-toe (noughts and crosses) game worked out by professionals. There are two modes of the game: a player versus computer and a player versus player. For educational purposes you can use computer versus computer mode. It is also possible to undo player's as well as comp...
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 1st painting album of mine Feb 17, 2004 166
This fascinating and bright-colored painting album is specially created for your children. They cannot paint well? No problem - this album helps them. You must not buy them water-color, brushes, crayons etc. Your children are clean, have no problem with painting, can paint the same picture as ma...
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 Thinkin Games v2.5 Feb 17, 2004 160
Have your children played their favorite shoot-em-up video game one too many times? There's nothing wrong with a little mindless fun, but why not try a collection of entertaining games that improve mental skills? Thinkin Games consists of eight great puzzles of varying difficulty, sure to satisfy ...
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 3D Space Station Adventure Feb 17, 2004 147
Kids ages 5-12 love this new activity center learning and entertainment software from MVP. Design and build your own space station, landing module, and even your own rocket ship, and then watch it lift off into orbit. Then rescue the astronauts and blast asteroids in two exciting action-packed g...
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 Picture Me Dinosaur Mar 22, 2003 143
Kids ages 5-12 love this new activity center learning and entertainment software from MVP. Dave the dinosaur helps them play games, learn fun facts about dinosaurs, explore the dinosaur world, and create, animate and print their own pictures. Stimulate your child's imagination and creativity whi...
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 Around the World! for Windows Feb 17, 2004 141
Package of arcade style geography games including countries, capitals, major exports and geographical features of the world. Includes all major areas of the globe. Geography scores improve rapidly. 43 games in all, including our solar system. Bon Voyage!...
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 Multi Maze Mountain 2 Feb 17, 2004 135
Multi Maze Mountain 2 is the new version of this math program. The game itself is almost identical but it has new 3D rendered full colour graphics, sound effects and some extra options. The program can be played in different languages. Right now English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch are sup...
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 The Light Box Feb 17, 2004 127
The Light Box is a gentle children's story, set beneath the magical world of the ocean. Follow, Sten and Ella, the two playful dolphins who are the heroes of this story. Their escapades and games in this underwater adventure take them to a part of their world where they discover the light of life...
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