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 Desktop Taipei Feb 18, 2004 3477
Desktop Taipei is a solitaire game. Includes 50 taipei and mahjongg game layouts (3 in demo version). Additional features: unlimited undo, hints, saving game records, changing backgrounds, changing tilesets, layouts editor....
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 BigJig Feb 18, 2004 2100
BigJig by LenaGames is the best game for those who love big jigsaw puzzles. BigJig allows you to layout all the pieces, up to 950 in separate windows, with or without rotation. As an additional challenge, you can choose the Edgeless mode to solve the jigsaw puzzle without edge pieces. After ope...
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 Pocket Taipei Feb 24, 2004 2037
Pocket Taipei is a solitaire game on your Pocket PC. Horisontal screen mode makes playing the standard taipei and mahjongg games more comfortable. Includes 45 game layouts (3 in demo version). Additional features: unlimited undo, hints, saving game records, changing background, flipping screen ...
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 BowlingTile Feb 18, 2004 350
BowlingTile is a tile-based logical game. As a level begins, the playing field is full of tiles. The goal is to remove all tiles by pushing them with your bowling tile. The game has 10 time-limited levels....
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 PocketSol Sep 17, 2004 339
Play card solitaire games on your Pocket PC! The solitaire collection includes 45 patiences, ranging from hard to easy, from popular to unique. Main features: - You can move cards from place to place with just two taps to save your screen from scratching. - You can scroll the game window i...
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 FineCheckers Feb 23, 2004 196
Five checkers-like games, including three variations of common checkers (English, International, and Russian), Losing Checkers and Alquerque (the oldest checkers game ever known). You can choose three levels of skill for computer opponent or play with a friend. With the Undo command and the Game...
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 BigPatience Feb 17, 2004 173
BigPatience is a collection of 40 solitaire card games ranging from simple to very hard, from popular to very rare. Additional features: customizing the solitaires rules, undo, restarting the game, saving unfinished games, automatic finishing of the game practically solved; selectable decks and...
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 NewLines Feb 19, 2004 139
NewLines is a small and attractive tile-based logical game. The purpose is to remove tiles of one color from the desk by arranging them in a straight line....
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 SokoMan Feb 9, 2004 120
SokoMan is a logical game similar to the famous Sokoban. The goal of the game is to move the boxes inside a labyrinth to the special places and to make as few moves and pushes as possible. The best results are automatically written to the High Scores Table together with their solutions that you can ...
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 BigMosaic Feb 22, 2004 119
BigMosaic is a logic game similar to jigsaw puzzles. The goal is to make up two mosaic pictures from rectangular two-sided tiles. You can rotate tiles, turn them upside down and change over any two tiles. You are able to assemble both pictures separately or mix their tiles to make a task more diffi...
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