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 Go game joseki Feb 18, 2004 540
Go game joseki is important to go game fans. Our joseki software contains thousands of common used josekis with detailed explanation (explanation in Chinese, both Simplified and Traditional). When you select a point of move, all possible responses will be displayed for you to select next move agai...
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 Go game manuals Nov 19, 2002 276
Go game fans must read manuals. The traditional manuals book and journal have two limitations: The first, it is difficult to find the next move. The second, if you don't want to see the next move sometimes for thinking yourself, you saw it. If the explanation is too detailed, the manuals one boo...
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 Skill of endgame Jul 17, 2003 101
Go game problems of endgame (yose)...
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 GetResource Mar 1, 2004 89
GetResource can scan the executable files (*.exe, *.dll and *.ocx) to extract the resource (Bitmaps, Icons, Cursors, Waves, Midi, AVIs). You can scan a single file, a directory include or not include the subdirectories, even all your disk. It can skip the duplicate resource and works rapidl...
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 Attack and defense Feb 29, 2004 84
tesuji of attack and defense...
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 Drag to fill Apr 4, 2004 81
DragFill is a tool to save your time using 'drag and drop' to fill in forms. You can save your personal information, product information or any other information to it. When you need to fill them in forms, you only need to drag them to the forms....
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 Password manager Jan 26, 2004 80
Password manager is a convenient tool to save all your UserIds and passwords to one encrypted file. You need only remeber one password, say it as MainPassword. When you visit a site which display a login form, you can press a HOTKEY to activate password manager to get your userId and password. I h...
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 Hamete and overplay Feb 24, 2004 74
"Hamete and overplay" will tell you how to deal with the hametes and overplays. If your opponent plays hamete or overplay, foil his attempts and punish him....
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