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 install-us Home Apr 22, 2004 92
Install-us makes it easy to create your own installation applications within minutes. Even if you have no prior knowledge of installation issues you are able to run your first installation very easily. The install-us click and build user-interface is the most effective way to configure the installat...
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 SmartSync Apr 22, 2004 86
SmartSync is an incredibly useful synchronization tool for mobile workers who need to transfer files from office to home and back again. Simply select a folder to be synchronized -- My Documents, for example -- apply any exclusion filters (transfer from this folder, but leave that document in plac...
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 Installer/GD Apr 22, 2004 80
Installer/ GD is a full-featured lightweight application installation, maintenance, and deinstallation software package for Windows. Installer/ GD offers a wide range of professional features found in other commercial installers, at a fraction of cost, with some unique features not available in ...
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 HTML2HHP Apr 22, 2004 73
HTML2HHP is a nice tool for multimedia- and software authors: If you plan to distribute your documents in Microsoft's HTMLhelp format but can't afford an expensicve development tool, or you simply can't find out how to use the HTML Help Workshop, HTML2HHP is for you! Instead of manually creating a...
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 ItemAction (TM) Software w/Unlimited User Licenses Jan 6, 2004 72
A complete action item application with special features for task management, bug tracking, help desk, and timesheet solutions....
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 RedRegistration Developers SDK Apr 22, 2004 63
RedRegistration is for developers that want to make their application a Shareware Application. RedRegistration offers easy installation (Only 5 steps), or advanced installation supporting features like: Expiration Dates, Limited Users (For Multi-User applications), and limited program run-times. ...
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 Code-Lock Jul 1, 2004 62
Are you losing sales to software pirates? Stop using your obsolete software protections. Code-Lock, an advanced, secure software protection system, will stop crackers in their tracks. Code-Lock, featuring CodeSecure Technology for Visual Basic, C# and .NET applications, has never been cracked....
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 Affiliate Creator Apr 22, 2004 60
Affiliate Creator is a shareware tool that enables shareware authors to batch build customized installers for their affiliates.You can also use it to build stand-alone applications named Self-Creator and publish them on your website so that your affiliates can build their own custom builds by themse...
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 ItemAction (TM) Multi-User Licenses Apr 22, 2004 60
Simple for Users, Powerful for Managers ... The most flexible and affordable application for task management, bug-tracking, helpdesks, and timesheets....
ItemAction (TM) Multi-User Licenses download   ItemAction (TM) Multi-User Licenses free download Buy now for $19.95   Buy ItemAction (TM) Multi-User Licenses now
 InstallEssen Apr 22, 2004 56
Packs your program into single self-extracting executable file. No scripts need be written. Executable directly from the Web. Allows user to add Environment Variables and Registry Entries. Creates Shortcuts for Desktop and Start Menu. Execution of other programs within Installable. Customizable Lice...
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