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 GetFramework.Net Aug 21, 2004 53
GetFramework.Net was created to fill a void for application developers that build for the Microsoft .Net Framework. Part of the responsibility of your application installation is to ensure that your customer has the .Net Framework installed on their PC before you install your managed code applicat...
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 InternetUpgrade .NET Edition Apr 22, 2004 49
You are purchasing the InternetUpgrade .NET Edition component. This component provides software deployment functionality into your .NET software applications which will enable customers using your application to download upgrades with only one line of code....
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 Singularity BugDB Apr 22, 2004 48
BugDB is web based bug tracking server that allows your company to report, handle, and follow-up bug reports during a product devlopment process. BugDB can be installed on your intranet as well as on your extranet. New features: product modules, instant messaging support, deadline entry, full s...
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 PopulateMSI May 4, 2004 44
The easy and powerful way to create Windows(r) Installer Packages (*.MSI files). Simple installer wizard interface allows creation of full-blown Windows(r) installations. Components and Features - The Windows(r) Installer organizes an installation around the concepts of components and features. ...
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 EXECryptor Aug 12, 2004 37
The EXECryptor's main goal is to protect an application's code from reverse engeneering, analysis and modifications. EXECryptor presents the brand new concept in the field of software protection and allows to significantly increase its security. Major features are includes: metamorphic code...
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 AutorunMagick Studio Feb 15, 2007 35
To help you to create a new application more easily the AutorunMagick Studio developers offer different templates. These templates determine the basic structure for a project and contain variety of all urgent styles, page layouts, objects, actions, etc. for advanced use. You can also create and ...
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