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 Image Searcher Apr 14, 2004 160
Image Searcher is a handy program for finding and displaying graphics. Searches are performed quickly, using an attractive, easy-to-use interface that can be customized with a set of eight included skins. The program handles GIF, JPEG, BMP, ICO, PNG, and PCX formats. You can use it to conduct...
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 EldoS Thumbnailer Apr 14, 2004 153
When you have a collection of images, that you need to manage, browse and see all pictures at once, you definitely need EldoS Thumbnailer. It is a must-have for software developers and Web-designers (i.e. everyone, who composes Web-pages!), that use any images in their work. Thumbnailer allows ...
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 Thumbs Apr 14, 2004 149
Thumbs is a manager for your digital photo CDs. The software allows you to place your images in various folders, make thumbnail pages for each folder for easier navigation, and make links. All the folders are organized within an entire folder tree. This tool creates pages for each image, which en...
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 Advanced Image Manager Apr 14, 2004 147
Advanced Image Manager (AIM) is an easy-to-use graphic file previewer and organizer for Windows 95/ 98-NT which simplifies the process of finding images stored on different drives: floppy disks, hard drives, optical disks, CD-ROM, ZIP and other media. AIM organizes your graphics by creating a da...
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 MEDA MP3 Splitter Aug 10, 2004 147
MEDA MP3 Splitter can breaks MP3 files into smaller pieces of your choosing. MEDA MP3 Splitter also contain a graph panel on the main form and easily select the break position by double-click on it. MEDA MP3 Splitter also contain a mp3 player and you can convert your mp3 files to wav format. MEDA ...
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 Zoner Media Explorer 4.5 Apr 14, 2004 146
Zoner Media Explorer 4.5 is a handy tool for quick and convenient access to your picture, sound, and video files. You can display, scan, print, convert and enhance pictures with the add-on application Zoner Viewer 4.5. Both programs support a wide range of formats. With Zoner Media Explorer 4...
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 Zoner Media Explorer Apr 14, 2004 145
Zoner Media Explorer 5 is a complete toolkit to help you view, edit, manage, convert and print photos and other images. It can also play sound and video files. Features: configurable window arrangement, skins, image acquisition from cameras, scanners, Websites, the screen, and the Clipboard...
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 Album Express Apr 22, 2005 142
Create slick, professional-looking picture albums for home, friends and the Web with Album Express software! This is simple-to-use, fast and user-friendly software with intuitive wizard-like interface and customizable templates greatly facilitates the process of your pictures presentation. Produc...
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 Picture Pounder Apr 14, 2004 134
It allows you to organize your pictures by letting you setup categories and subcategories. These categories represent directories on your hard drive that the unsorted images will be moved into.Picture Pounder will even generate indexed webpages containing thumbnails that expand when they are clicked...
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 Easy Slide Show Creator Apr 14, 2004 134
Easy Slide Show Creator is great for anyone who wants a fun and creative way to display digital pictures. Making slide shows is fun and intuitive for even the novice computer user. Use our easy drag and drop interface to bring your pictures and music together for an exciting multimedia experience. T...
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