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 ArmadilloPhoto Apr 14, 2004 110
ArmadilloPhoto allows you to build a database for your images. ArmadilloPhoto solves all the filing and search problems. It is user friendly and easy to use. The image acquisition can be done either by batch for image files on hard disk, or one at a time when using a scanner. It solves all your pro...
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 Asala Magazine Nov 19, 2002 105
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 Icon Catcher Apr 14, 2004 104
Icon Catcher scans your PC for icon images and captures icons directly on your Windows screen. It scans all disks in your PC for icons in DLL, EXE, ICO, ICL, and BMP files. It can build a visual image list and save icons as separate BMP or ICO files, or copy them to the Windows Clipboard. It u...
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 ScreenFlash Professional Edition Apr 14, 2004 103
If you want to build animated, interactive software tutorials in the shortest time, ScreenFlash is your best choice! It is the easiest and most effective tool for demonstrating your software product, adding animations to your application's Help system, or training novices. ScreenFlash captures t...
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 ImageConverter Plus Jul 14, 2005 100
ImageConverter Plus is a powerful tool for viewing, editing, and converting graphic files, photos, drafts, finance documents and other images of any type. It is equally suitable for both business and personal purposes and offers a wide range of remarkable features. Its up-to-date technology mak...
ImageConverter Plus download   ImageConverter Plus free download Buy now for $29.00   Buy ImageConverter Plus now Movie Collector Apr 14, 2004 99
What is Movie Collector? Movie Collector is a program for organizing your personal collection of DVDs, DivX files, VHS tapes, Laserdiscs, etc... You can use it to create a file with detailed information about your movie collection. This file can be browsed, sorted and searched in various ways (... Movie Collector download Movie Collector free download Buy now for $25.00   Buy Movie Collector now
 Pic2clik Apr 14, 2004 98
Pic2clik is a simple yet powerful Windows application for creating and sharing online photo albums that are free of registration screens and banner ads. Pic2clik's interface also features a complete suite of album editing tools including context-sensitive pop-up menus and caption spell-checking. Ano...
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 Iris Virtual Photo Album Apr 14, 2004 96
Iris Virtual Photo Album is a program for making and viewing virtual photo albums of digital photographs and comments on them. If you like to arrange photo albums, lovingly moving photos from place to place, this program is for you! Among the advantages of Iris Virtual Photo Album are the poss...
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 Periscope Image Browser Apr 14, 2004 95
It is an image browser, searcher and viewer. You can select a set of folders and drives that will be searched for images with many-option filters. Images are displayed in multiwindows in groups of optional size up to 99 images at the same time, arranged in many optional ways. You can easily move b...
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 CCViewer Apr 14, 2004 93
CCViewer is a fast, flexible and compact image viewer that supports 10 different file formats (including BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, PCX, TGA, DCX, TIFF), zoom in, zoom out, fit to window, print, move, copy and delete, images. Using CCViewer you can explore your hard disk and open any image...
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