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 Briscola Apr 6, 2007 6604
Briscola is a very famous and popular italian card game. MUltimediaSTOre version, with neapolitan cards, provides playing manner having your Computer as opponent. At the starting, each player will receive three cards and the seventh will be discovered next to the pack of remaining. The suit of th...
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 Scala Quaranta Feb 16, 2004 3778
Scala Quaranta uses two packs of 54 French cards. The aim of the game is "to close", that is to make such cards combinations in order to play on the table all the cards in your hand, discarding the last one in the well and leaving the opponent with the greater number of cards in his hand. When a ...
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 Scopa Feb 29, 2004 2673
You can choice among three types of games: one game, 11 points game and 21 points game. The game will continue if it finished as a draw. At the beginning the player that shuffles the cards puts 4 uncovered cards on the table. Then he deals 3 covered cards at a time. The other player starts the game...
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 Scopone Scientifico Feb 16, 2004 2177
This program simulates the presence of 3 other players over you. His peculiarity is the attribution of different characteristics to each of them. So it's possible to find, after some time and looking statistics up, who is the ideal partner for you. In the classic Scopone Scientifico there are 4 un...
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 Tressette Feb 17, 2004 678
Tressette requires 4 players, in couples. Normally they play with neapolitan cards, 40 cards. How to play The Player on the right of dealer starts the first hand playing a card that fix the prevailing suit. The other players must reply with a same suit card, if they have. If don't, they can pla...
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 Pinnacolo Feb 17, 2004 623
This program allows you to play on your computer, with two french paks of cards, a classic card game with four players. Three of them are virtual ones. Their logic of playing resembles the normal human behavior of a good player. You must close. Tris, Poker, Scales, Pinnacolo and Pinnacolone are...
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 Roll Tetris Feb 18, 2004 254
Roll Tetris is a clone of the well known video-game. The cilynders falling down are previewed and you can drive them in order to cover completely an horizontal line that disappears. If you do'nt, the cylinders will accumulate one on the other so covering all available space. Installing this program...
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 Art Puzzle Feb 18, 2004 209
The composition of the images is implemented with three types of tesserae, different in number and size. You can select 16, 25 and 100 tesserae. Further options allow you to select some composition helps: beep or tesserae blocking in the right positions. Full-screen display makes the game very ple...
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 Napoleon Feb 17, 2004 170
The prince of solitaires with neapolitan cards. For incite the concentration. Playing fair you must study the winning moves. Three tries, no more, for rearrange the cards. If strategies are wrong nothing remains but to reflect on your's own errors. Either on the altar or in the dust.... All 40 car...
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 Net_scopa Feb 17, 2004 115
Net_Scopa is one of the new multimedia card-games of the series. You can play having your Computer as opponent, or another player on local network, or connecting via modem to friends in remote resorts. Easy in the conception, it well lends to be utilized both by children and boys and adults, ...
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