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 123 Sound Recorder Apr 5, 2004 124
123 Sound Recorder is a sound recording program. It records sound generated, or requested, by other computer programs, such as RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, WinAmp, and many others. Recorded sound is saved in wave-file format. For example, you can use 123 Sound Recorder to re...
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 Visual Text To Speech MP3 Apr 5, 2004 111
Visual Text To Speech MP3 can convert text to MP3, MP2, WAV, Ogg Vorbies and VOX formats. It lets you listen to text instead of reading on screen. You can create voice files from any text you want (email, web pages, eBooks...) and hear later at your convenience. You can also convert text fi...
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 Super Sound Recorder Apr 5, 2004 106
Super Sound Recorder is a powerful sound recording tool that allows you to record different digital and analog sounds into Mp3 or Wav files.It also can convert Wav files to Mp3 files. Super Sound Recorder allows you to record sound direct to Mp3 file, no tempory wav file involved, saving your hard...
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 CD MP3 Burner Apr 5, 2004 105
You can use this feature to Burn an Audio CD with high speed and quality. CD Mp3 Burner will convert your favorite MP3 files to CDA format, this allows you to listen to your favorite mp3 tracks on a standard stereo system...
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 UniScope Apr 5, 2004 105
UniScope is ALL-IN-ONE for sound analysis and real time signal processing + visual relax and color music A lot of plug-ins: - spectral analyzers (frequency trace in time, THD, SNR, IMD...) - oscilloscopes (clipping detection, RMS or peak int time monitor...) - adnanced recorder (DC, NR, VOR) -...
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 ArtSong Registration Apr 5, 2004 101
ArtSong? is a unique music composition program that combines algorithmic composition techniques with computer-aided composition capabilities. ArtSong? is unique among algorithmic composition programs: 1) ArtSong? uses a hierarchical music model and a recursive composition process to treat individu...
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 Fractal Tune Smithy Apr 5, 2004 94
Make music as intricate as snowflakes from a musical seed. Transform them by varying the parameters to make them into your own tunes. Send musical e-cards. Includes historical / modern / ethnic / exotic tunings. Many retuning features for musicians, and composers. You can play in the scales ...
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 ACA Audio Recorder Sep 18, 2004 92
ACA Audio Recorder is a direct and real-time sound recorder software which offers professional recording features with WAV and AVI support. It makes a complete sound recorder studio of your computer. With it you can record sound from Microphone, Line-in, streaming audio from the Internet, or mu...
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 DB CD Burner & Ripper Apr 5, 2004 78
DB CD Burner & Ripper is an audio and data CD burner as well as a CD ripper. It accepts MP3 and WAV to create music CDs that play in any standard home or car CD player. You can put together songs downloaded from the Internet, Winamp playlists or ripped tracks from CDs. You can also create data CDs ...
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 Lavavo Audio CD Burner Apr 5, 2004 67
Lavavo Audio CD Burner is the most easy-to-use CD burner you've ever seen, with only 3 steps and a few minutes you can make your own audio CD easily and quickly; Lavavo Audio CD Burner has a good-looking and straightforward interface, you can prepare the MP3 list, burn the audio CD and print th...
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