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 RDB Apr 5, 2004 257
RDB "The Ultimate Archiving Tool" is a very helpful program for archiving and keeping track of all your files and data, especially CDs and MP3-Audio-Files. You can automatically add entire CD-Roms/ Devices or single files into you RDB-Database. Intelligent MP3/ ID3-Detagging, enhanced search- and ...
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 MP3 Archive Apr 5, 2004 251
MP3 Archive is the ultimate way of organizing your multimedia files hosted with Virgin Design WEB Hotel....
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 Abander TagControl Sep 21, 2009 240
Abander TagControl is an easy to use and powerful .mp3 .ogg .wma .ape .asf tag editor with lyrics, album art, CDDB, support. You can quickly and easily organize your music collection, and complete the tag information for each and every file with all the best tools available. Some of...
Abander TagControl download   Abander TagControl free download Buy now for $23.98   Buy Abander TagControl now Music Collector Sep 25, 2005 215
Music Collector is a program that organizes your personal collection of CDs, LPs, minidisks, and so on. Use Music Collector to create a file containing detailed information about your music collection, retrieving all CD info from the internet. Further this file can be browsed, sorted and search... Music Collector download Music Collector free download Buy now for $39.95   Buy Music Collector now
 DigiAny Gold Apr 6, 2004 201
Today, millions of users are storing music on their PC's and must rely on applications designed primarily for other purposes to access and manage their music collections. With DigiAny, users can manage their digital music like never before. With the key features built in DigiAny, users can: -acc...
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 Advanced File Organizer CD Apr 5, 2004 185
Do you have a great DVD and CD collection, or lots of mp3 files and software you downloaded from the Internet? Do you have a hard time finding the files you want on your hard drive or on removable discs? Necessary files are hereabout, but they cannot be found? Now you can have a convenient searcha...
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 MP3 List Builder Apr 5, 2004 176
MP3 List Builder is an easy way to categorize your MP3 files and share them out to the web. It searches the users hard drive from the directory specified for MP3 files and creates an HTML link based list at the location specified. MP3 List Builder takes the tedius work out of manually creating a web...
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 MediaSauce Dec 22, 2003 156
Unique and simple Media organizer that plays MP3, WAV, MID, RMI, AVI, MOV, and MPG media files. Compact Disc player / database. Creates Web pages based on discs you enter it's database. Grabs audio disc information from a CDDB via the Internet. Fun animations....
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 MP3/Tag Studio Sep 19, 2005 153
If you need a managing utility for your MP3 collection then MP3/ Tag Studio is exactly what you need. This all-in-one complete solution was created to solve your MP3 problems faster and easier. Spend minutes, not hour on managing your collection! MP3/ Tag Studio prepares tracks for burning, helps ...
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 DRS 2006 Upgrade to Professional Package Nov 19, 2002 143
The DRS 2006 Software Package is a complete multi module radio automation system. Turn your PC into a powerful music machine without buying expensive hardware. You don't need two or more sound cards or hardware mixers to get the full variety of mixing and making professional on air programs like big...
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