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 Net Block Pro Jan 13, 2004 563
NetBlock Pro is your ultimate tool for managing network shared resources. The main distinction of this program from its analogues is the ability of on-the-fly notification on the fact of a user's connection (by means of Local area network or the Internet) to the shared resources of your computer....
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 ShareScan 9x/ME Jan 13, 2004 509
ShareScan is a network tool that allows administrators to easily scan their enterprise TCP/ IP networks for visible or unprotected network resources such as shared drives and printers. Tools of this sort have long been at the disposal of hackers, allowing them to take advantage of what in many comp...
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 Win Sniffer Nov 19, 2002 502
Win Sniffer is a network utility to capture passwords on LAN. It captures FTP, HTTP, TELNET, POP3 and others passwords. Works on almost all network adapters....
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 NetSend2001 for Cerner Jan 13, 2004 492
Netsend 2001 is designed for people who work in Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP environment to send text messages to another user on the network. Instead of typing "net send ... " commands each time you send a message, NetSend 2001 provides a neat user interface and plenty of hot-keys. Ea...
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 Winlpd Single PC License Jan 13, 2004 437
Winlpd includes an LPR Client and an LPD Server for Windows 95/ 98/ Me, Windows NT4.0/ 2000/ XP. LPR client is used to print from Windows to LPD enabled network printers or printers attached to Unix machines. LPD Server is required if you wish to perform the reverse and print from Unix to your Wind...
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 iCU Jan 13, 2004 412
iCU is a desktop In/ Out board, providing an instant reference of who is currently in or out of your office. It is ideal for businesses that operate on a LAN, because iCU tells you where your colleagues are, without you having to leave your desk. While running iCU, any user on your network s...
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 LanScanner Jan 13, 2004 380
Application is designed for searching local network for files (movies, music, documents, etc.). While scanning program memorize network structure. That is why searching operations last much shorter. You do not have to rescan it each time....
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 NetSend for Windows NT Jan 13, 2004 367
NetSend is a Graphical WinPopup-like messenger utility, similar to Microsoft's WinPopup utility, but it's designed to work with Microsoft Windows NT(tm) and Windows 2000(tm). This handy utility lets you send popup messages to other Windows NT/ 2000 PC's on your network that are running the Messeng...
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 Network LED Jan 13, 2004 320
Network LED simulates network interface card lights that flash every time your system sends or receives data over the network. The Network LED appears on the Windows 95 task bar as a two button icon. Red button represents receive packets. Green button represents send packets. Requires MS Windows 95....
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 Supervisor Plus Jan 13, 2004 302
Supervisor is a file manager with unlimited access to disks of network computers Supervise and control the computers on Local Area Network, WAN, Internet. "Supervisor Plus" in cooperation with others computers gives you abilities to have full control over all their disks: hard drives, floppy ...
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