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 LetUknow Jan 13, 2004 144
LetUknow provides a "peace of mind" method of monitoring your LAN and resources. You can specify numerous jobs and tests in advance on a "set and forget" basis, which LetUknow then runs at regular intervals - you choose how often. If a test fails, the appropriate individuals are notified immediate...
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 IPSwitcher Basic Mar 10, 2004 143
Are you a mobile user? Do you need to use your computer in more than one network? Do you have multiple types of Internet connections? IPSwitcher Basic is an answer to your needs! It has been developed for those people, who work dynamically at several locations in the network (due to their busine...
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 Disk Auditor Net Jan 13, 2004 142
Scan for and store daily network file statistics such as creator, deletor, archiver, creation date, deletion date, last access date, last archived date, etc. Tally important file statistics for specific directories such as # modified files, # new files, # deleted files, and # archived files...
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 HttpTracer Jan 13, 2004 140
HttpTracer is a trace program, for capturing all communication between browser and the Interner/ Intranet. It runs as a local proxy server on your desktop and shows HTTP Requests, responses, XML, HTML, Java Script, CSS, cookies, and any other textual data that a browser sends or recieves....
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 MegaPing Aug 20, 2004 139
MegaPing is the ultimate must-have toolkit that provides all essential utilities for Information System specialists, system administrators, IT solution providers or individuals. It includes: Scanners: Comprehensive Security Scanner, Port scanner (TCP and UDP ports), IP scanner, NetBIOS scan...
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 Network Statistics Jan 13, 2004 139
This utility helps you see what exactly is happening with your network connection. Determine if networking software is in use that you don't know about or keep an eye on your throughput. Also simplifies releasing and renewing adapter IP addresses, viewing network providers, data throughput and pro...
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 Quick3270 Jan 13, 2004 139
Quick3270 is a powerful, high reliable 32-bit Windows software that connects PCs to IBM mainframes and midranges. Good integration with the Windows user interface and the easy to use of the software will save you money for training costs and help desk call. Quick3270 is an OLE Automation Server. Th...
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 Add/Remove Plus! 2002 Mobile Kit Jun 27, 2004 138
Add/ Remove Plus! 2002 Mobile Kit helps IT personnel, consultants, technicians, VAR's, and MIS/ IT managers to perform easy uninstallations on any number of PCs, keep only authorized and useful software, perform software audits to check for software license compliance, etc. The program is a b...
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 ChanStat Jan 13, 2004 136
This program was developed for system administrator and network users so them would be able to watch CISCO router's statistics (channel rate, volume, CPS) in real time. In addition it shows real time traffic information for selected subnets (IP accounting) and CPU Utilization. All collected inform...
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 Network LED for Windows NT Jan 13, 2004 135
Network LED simulates network interface card lights that flash every time your system sends or receives data over the network. The Network LED appears on the Windows NT task bar as a two button icon. Red button represents receive packets. Green button represents send packets. Requires MS Windows NT ...
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