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 Serverwatch PRO Jun 30, 2004 124
Serverwatch PRO is the ultimate survey monitor for your network. Offering built in checks for checking performance counters, network accessability, diskussage, eventlogs and much much more. Furthermore SW-Pro offers you to write your own scripts, in case the build in options does not fullfill yo...
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 Network LED for Windows NT Jan 13, 2004 124
Network LED simulates network interface card lights that flash every time your system sends or receives data over the network. The Network LED appears on the Windows NT task bar as a two button icon. Red button represents receive packets. Green button represents send packets. Requires MS Windows NT ...
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 Time Synchronization Jan 13, 2004 124
Time Synchronization is a small, but useful add-on for Microsoft Windows NT. The purpose of this software is to synchronize the local time and date (on local machine) with another computer on local network. It works with almost clockwork precision, the precision is in tens of nanoseconds. The most...
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 OAK WatchDog Jan 13, 2004 123
A small utility for monitoring computers in the local network which place itself in the tray and tells you about remote computers state. Up to 4 remote computers can be monitored. Different kinds of actions can be done on remote computer state changes - for example, program can launch predefined ap...
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 Network Spy Site License Jan 13, 2004 120
An ethernet packet capture program. It allows to you decode and analyze IP packets on your LAN. It also lets you measure network load, resolve IP conflicts and build an ARP table. New features include remote capture and filter-by-IP. This program is lightweight and displays captured frames in realt...
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 sMonitor Sep 20, 2004 120
sMonitor is a network monitoring software that allows you to verify the network connectivity of TCP/ IP hosts on the Internet and LAN. The program periodically pings, or checks TCP and UDP ports on user specified computers or other network devices. If the destination host fails to reply to a pi...
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 MonNET for NT Networks Jan 13, 2004 119
Compass MonNET for NT Networks is a Windows NT-aware application that allows you to track the user activity on your NT 4.x or greater domain....all from a SINGLE workstation or server! MonNET comes with an easy-to-use interface, a full-featured report generator and online help. It is perfect for ke...
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 Pingoman network monitor Aug 18, 2004 117
Pingoman is powerful network monitor, easy-to-use, interesting and fast program. Pingoman includes server service and client application. Pingoman server side required Windows 2000, 2003 or XP. Pingoman client works under Windows 98, 2000 and XP....
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 PacScope Jan 14, 2004 115
High Quality in Simple Interface - this is our key concept of developing PacScope, sniffer type network analyzer (also as known as sniffer or LAN analyzer). PacScope, a shareware, is designed for professional use but also targets even novice users to enjoy the maximum experience of using PacScope...
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 Paraben%27s LAN Charter Jan 14, 2004 115
Paraben's LAN Charter is an easy-to-use design program that makes creating network diagrams a snap. Start producing professional drawings instantly usning templates, symbols, and clip-art. Export your diagram as an image. Import graphics or your own clip-art. Full zoom, snap grid, ruler bars, a...
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