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 Active LogView Sep 28, 2016 4848
Active LogView is a handy, time-saving log analysis program that enables Webmasters to get site-usage statistics quickly without having to download large log files. Available in simple, easy-to-read lists, these statistics track total requests, unique visits, top files/ referrers, search engin...
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 Exe Icon Changer Sep 25, 2016 5472
Executable File Icons Changer is a software tool that allows you by means of only several mouse clicks to replace a lot of icons of separate program with those you do like! You can change the icons of separate program into your favorite ones easily. If you are accustomed to use exploitative progra...
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 Sounding Keyboard and Mouse Sep 25, 2016 5466
Sounding Keyboard and Mouse - the tool that lets you hear different sound when you press keys or click mouse. With this tool, you can specify wave file and midi note to every key on keyboard or mouse buttons. When these keys are being pressed or released, the wave/ MIDI will be played. Diffirent ...
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 User Time Control Center Sep 23, 2016 3479
User Time Control Center lets you control all the activities on your computer. If you are concerned about what your child is doing with your computer while you are asleep or away, just use this new complete solution - User Time Control Center! It allows you to set the limits on how much time your c...
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 JongPuzzle Sep 23, 2016 2361
JongPuzzle is the mah jongg - like tile solitaire game for Windows.The goal of JongPuzzle is to remove all of the tiles from the game board. Tiles can be removed only in pairs and must have at least one free side....
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 Internet Download Manager Sep 21, 2016 10
Internet Download Manager is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 500 percent and to resume, schedule and organize downloads. The program will resume unfinished downloads due to lost connections, network problems, or unexpected power outages. Internet Download Manager can connect to the In...
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 EF Process Manager Sep 20, 2016 4854
EF Process Manager is a Windows program that shows you comprehensive information about which modules processes have opened or loaded, register/ unregister modules to registry database, show the environment variables or the Windows error codes, make operations like kill process and much more... Mul...
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 SPAMfighter Pro Sep 19, 2016 3994
SPAMfighter Pro is a wonderful new utility for Outlook and Outlook Express for filtering your e-mails and removing spam from your Inbox. There exist lots of anti-spam filters using different strategies that still do not work! But SPAMfighter Pro is always on duty and always works! SPAMfighter harnes...
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 StudioLine Photo Classic Sep 19, 2016 2586
StudioLine Photo is powerful and feature-rich image editing software. Use it to edit your digital photos that you can import from your camera or scanner. The software works with all popular file formats and lets you process your images easily and instantly. Store your photos in the image archive, s...
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 StudioLine Web Designer Sep 19, 2016 2572
If you need an application for creating, publishing and updating professional web sites and you are not so competent in HTML editing, then StudioLine Web software is just the ticket! This comprehensive solutions does not require ANY technical knowledge! It integrates all applications for creating,...
StudioLine Web Designer download   StudioLine Web Designer free download Buy now for $290.00   Buy StudioLine Web Designer now
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