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 Super WinUUE Mar 22, 2004 186
Super WinUUE is a 32-bit uuencoder / uudecoder for Win95/ 98/ 2000/ NT. It allows you to decode e-mail messages or messages from news groups. Quick and easy to use. A must have for everyinternet toolkit....
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 Sophax Mar 22, 2004 147
Sophax is a fully featured, powerful, yet user-friendly newsreader. Easy enough for novices to use, it also contains several advanced power user facilities such as customisable views and content filters. It also has full support for multiple news servers....
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 Super News Reader Mar 22, 2004 107
The ultimate news reader that supports all the features that you might expect from a new reader. User-friendly interface. Simple, clean and intuitive, but sophiscated enough for power users. Integrated article viewer that can display and play multimedia files along with text message. Detach fil...
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 AutoPix-Lite Mar 22, 2004 104
Many usenet news groups contain hundreds of beautiful and sometimes provocative pictures. In the old days you had to use a news reader to sort through thousands of posted messages in order to select which pictures to download. Once you made all your selections you then had to wait hours to see what ...
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 AtomicPost/32 Mar 22, 2004 100
AtomicPost/ 32 is the best Usenet posting software available. It is packed with performance and features that blow away the competition. But you don't have to take our word for it, download a free trial version now and see for yourself. The free trial is fully functional and has no expiration date,...
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 X3 Wizard Mar 22, 2004 92
X3 Wizard is a Binary News (NNTP) attachment downloader. It will connect to any news server and download any picture attachments from selected groups. X3 Wizard currently does not support Multiple file attachments. However, it will decode any picture, video etc encoded in a single article. Vers...
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 Big Ted Mar 22, 2004 82
Big Ted is a Fidonet (FTSC) mail processing program for use with Wildcat 5 bulletin boards. It uses a Graphical User Interface and runs under Windows 95 or 98, or Windows NT 3.51 or 4.0. Big Ted is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use. Big Ted can work with BinkleyTerm, Front Door, or InterMai...
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 NewsMate Lite Mar 22, 2004 81
This program automatically downloads attachments from news groups. It has a built in picture previewer and a built in sizable image viewer. It can support multiple news servers and has many filtering options to reduce spam posts. It is very easy to use and very inexpensive. Registered users are enti...
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 NewsMate Mar 22, 2004 75
Brother to NewsMate Lite, this program uses a full-featured database. With the use of the database, multi-part files are automatically recombined. You can also specify a list of authors to ignore, keep cross-posted articles from being re-downloaded and also filter out duplicate filenames. Like th...
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 DISCo WatchMan Mar 22, 2004 70
DISCo WatchMan intended to monitor contents of e-mail boxes, frequently visiting or favorite pages for changes and to notify users about them automatically. The only solution that allows user not to load the whole page but look through the list of changes first. In vast majority of changes the info...
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