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Name: NSA Song Player
Status: Free to try, available for download
Version: 1.0
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Size: 3.99 MB
Author: Derek Stottlemyer
Published: Apr 06, 2004
Statistics: NSA Song Player
E-mail: See inside the software
Home Page: Derek Stottlemyer
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NSA Song Player - description from Softdepia.com:

What do you want to know about Guitar Chords? Their associated arpeggios? Their notation? The notes or relative notes they contain? How they sound? Or do you want to put them into songs you are trying to learn, or even your own songs? The Song Player is a software program that can help you explore all aspects of chords. You can easily see their structure and hear them arranged in songs. Scales

We all need to learn them and we all need to practice them. There aren't any shortcuts to playing them, you just have to practice. But with the NSA Song Player, you get instant access to 29 scale types (which can be shown in all keys and all fingering positions ? more than 3500 scales!)

The Song Player comes with a complete Guided Tour to get you started quickly. The tour walks you through all the steps of working with chords, scales, songs and tablature. It is completely interactive, so you can do everything as it is explained to you.


The Song Player can

Alternate Tunings and Instruments

The Song Player now supports alternate tunings. You can choose from several predefined tunings or tune each string individually.

From Bass to Viola -- 25 instruments (plus guitar...) to choose from.
[Version 1.22 now supports --Bass, BajaSexto, Banduria, Banjo, Banjo Tenor, Bouzouki, Charango, Cello, Cuatro, Dulcimer, Fiddle,Guitarron, Mandola, Mandolin, Oud - Arabian, Oud - Turkish, Oud - Armenian, Oud - Cumbus, Pipa, Requinto, Ukelele, Tenor Ukelele, Bari Ukelele, Vihuela and Viola]

A floating staff so you can see the notation for chords and tablature.

A capo has been added, so you can now enter virtually any song, or play any existing song at a different location.

NSA Song Player is a "Free to try" program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

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