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 Tracks Eraser Mar 22, 2004 110
Tracks Eraser is designed to protect youself by erasing all traces of your past Internet activity. With only one click, it can automatically erase browser's cache, index.dat files, address bar, autocomplete momery, cookie, and run history, search history, open/ save dialog box, temp files an...
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 FlashClean Aug 5, 2004 107
FlashClean is a useful program for cleaning up the history of your activities on a computer.Each time you surf on Internet or use other applications in your PC, traces of your activities linger on your hard drive and are open to any person who uses your PC. FlashClean is designed to protect you b...
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 AD Killer Mar 22, 2004 105
AD Killer is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-ad software product that can remove annoying ads without human intervention by using artificial intelligent and intelligent agent technologies. This surfing companion features a smart engine that can identify possible ads and remove them even b...
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 IE Browser Washer Mar 23, 2004 103
IE Browser Washer is a total solution to protect your online privacy and offline privacy.It manage your browser(support IE, MSN explorer) cookies, cache, history, location address list, autocomplete, index.dat, and windows run history, search history, recent documents history, Temp foler, ...
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 System Cleaner Mar 23, 2004 101
Protect your privacy and recover valuable hard drive space with System Cleaner. System Cleaner allows you to easily clean up the history of your activities on your PC and the Internet. System Cleaner can clean up your browser's cache, cookies, history, recent document list, temporary files, err...
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 Super Popup Blocker Pro Mar 22, 2004 100
Super Pop-up Blocker professional version have all feature of standard version(stop popup ads;loglist show;whitelist to allow popups;play sound.etc...). Professional version have more odditional fearture.It can clean all traces of your web trace.including IE cache file;history file;address bar and ...
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 Pop-Up Stopper Companion Mar 23, 2004 100
Stop Internet Solicitors, pop-up windows and Online tracking with this handy browser toolbar for Internet Explorer. Pop-Up Stopper Companion provides more efficient pop-up and pop-under blocking technology in an easy to use Internet Explorer toolbar that is only active when your browser is open! Fi...
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 The Popup Eliminator Sep 21, 2004 95
STOP annoying and sometimes DANGEROUS popup windows once and for all with The Popup Eliminator! The Popup Eliminator increases your surfing speed by using a sophisticated filtering technology that keeps your system 100% protected from unwanted popup windows. Offering fully customizable options ...
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 Boss Everyware Mar 23, 2004 93
Boss Everyware gives a clear picture of how a computer is being used. It secretly logs program names, window titles, visited URLs, user names, and keystrokes. With its Report Manager, Boss Everyware provides a powerful tool for the analysis of logged data....
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 IECleaner Mar 22, 2004 91
IECleaner 3 in 1 : Internet activity cleaner Popup window killer Lets you define your own 'Hotkeys' IECleaner (Internet Evidences Cleaner) is a tool to clean up all evidences written by your browser while your are surfing the Internet. As you know, when you surf the Internet all Urls visited are s...
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