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 Anti-AD Guard Aug 22, 2007 89
Do you tired with boring commercial banners in your browser or ICQ client? Anti-AD Guard is a real "killer of advertisements". Anti-AD Guard doesn't only prevent banners from appearing on the screen, it gives you up to 50% traffic economy, increases page loading with exclusive "banner termina...
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 IECleaner Mar 22, 2004 88
IECleaner 3 in 1 : Internet activity cleaner Popup window killer Lets you define your own 'Hotkeys' IECleaner (Internet Evidences Cleaner) is a tool to clean up all evidences written by your browser while your are surfing the Internet. As you know, when you surf the Internet all Urls visited are s...
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 Spytech NetArmor Mar 23, 2004 84
NetArmor is your solution to preventing and detecting net-borne attacks from malicious hackers and backdoor trojan users. NetArmor eliminates worries about being attacked by hackers ever again....
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 PopUp Destroyer Mar 23, 2004 80
Are you tired of all the popup windows that every minute will open on your desktop while you surf?! Well, now there is a solution! PopUp Destroyer will close automatically all these windows! The difference with other popup killer is that our software works with all the internet browsers! Supporte...
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 Ad Finitum Mar 23, 2004 78
Ad Finitum detects advertising graphics and web bugs which originate from Internet sites other than the one you are viewing using Internet Explorer (version 5.5+). It can warn you about such content and optionally block it. As a result it can speed up your browsing, help with privacy issues resulti...
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 RealTime Cookie Cleaner v2.0 Mar 23, 2004 78
RealTime Cookie Cleaner v2.0 is the latest installment in the series. It contains features that other products in its class can only dream of. Privacy cleanups have tippled since RtCC v1.5, and teamed up with an improved Cookie Jar, makes RtCC v2.0 an instant winner....
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 SmoothSurfer Mar 23, 2004 77
SmoothSurfer is a combination popup stopper / internet privacy software. SS stops popups, deletes cookies, deletes index.dat, clears browser history, removes temporary internet files, clears typed URL's, clears Windows Media Player history and lots more....
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 FilterGate (Discounted) Sep 22, 2004 77
Use FilterGate for a browsing experience free of Popups, Banners, Privacy invasions and other unwanted content. Filters included in FilterGate are:- Popup Filter removes popup and pop under ads. AdFilter removes Banner advertising. AdultFilter blocks adult content, is Password Protected. Pri...
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 Internet Secure Tunneling May 29, 2006 76
Internet Secure Tunneling is a wondereful new online security and privacy software application that wiil help you secure the Database, POP3, SMTP and HTTP connections that would otherwise be insecure and so on. The secure tunneling enables you to access securely your email, company intraweb pages...
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 SpySites Plus Mar 23, 2004 76
SpySites includes a database of over 1, 500 known Spy/ Sleaze sites and guides you through the simple process of including them in Internet Explorer's Restricted Zone and setting policies to prevent them from performing intrusive acts on your PC. By setting the policies for the Restricted sites zon...
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