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 MDB Compressor Feb 3, 2004 807
This application is designed to work in conjunction with Microsoft Access 2000 (tm) to help you compress and repair MDB files automatically. This software can scan your local and/ or network drive(s) for any MDB files and store their locations for compression either manually or automatically throug...
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 Text File Cleaner Jan 12, 2004 390
This is a file cleaning/ formatting application designed to remove control characters, trim spaces/ tabs, trim extra characters, and remove blank lines. This application is designed to reduce the amount of time spent manually editing the file and to help automate this process....
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 Remote Manager Jan 13, 2004 162
This client/ server application is designed to help simplify the task of notifying users of important information and administering workstations remotely. This software requires a central server running with small, client applications installed and running on remote workstations....
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 File Indexed Database Jan 12, 2004 67
This application can scan your local system and/ or network for any files and store the location information (as well as few other information) in a database for later retrieval. This information can then be queried later on or exported into an HTML or text file. A built-in scheduler is provided t...
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