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 QuikCalc Amortization Jun 1, 2006 2456
There are dozens of loan calculators available, even some amortization schedule generators, but only QuikCalc Amortization can offer you unrivalled power and flexibility! Enough searching, stop and try QuikCalc Amortization software right now! This extremely popular mortgage and loan software off...
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 Instant Quote Professional Dec 10, 2013 1776
Full support for USA, Canadian and Australian tax systems. System includes faxing, serial number tracking, markup management, and much, much more. Purchasing the full-version allows access by 1 user to the database. To allow more concurrent user's to have access to the database, you must ...
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 Personal Budgeting 2000 Feb 8, 2006 1612
Your finances get out of control? Personal Budgeting 2000 is software designed to carefully track your personal budget information each month and to help you better manage your money! The interface of the program is easy and intuitive so that the neophytes would be able to appreciate its functionali...
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 Cash Flow Jul 5, 2005 1166
If you need a financial planner that will monitor your income and expenses and keep track of all your payments, CashFlow is just the ticket! The interface of the program is very intuitive and easy and you can easily switch between English and German. This simple yet powerful application shows all y...
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 Added Irregular Payments Jan 13, 2011 770
Added Irregular Payments Amortization is a wonderful feature-rich powerful software application, an added payment schedule that demonstrates you and your clients the effect of addding payments at different times to reduce the term of a loan and also the amount of the interest to be paid. If you mak...
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 Check2Check Budget Jun 13, 2005 669
Your finances get out of your control? Don?t know where the money is going? Miss your payments? Can?t plan your future expenses? Then you definitely need Check2Check Budget software! Check2Check Budget keeps your finances under control by showing you where your money is going but, more importantly,...
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 Ncome and Xpense Feb 11, 2006 646
Ncome and Xpense is a scheduler/ manager program designed to help you keep track of your expense amounts, income amounts, and their due dates. This software was created to be not only easy-to-use and user-friendly, but very powerful as well. The software announces you when the bill payment is du...
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 Bills and Reminders Sep 5, 2005 638
Bills and Reminders is a wonderful full-featured personal information manager to help you keep track of expense amounts and their due dates. The program keeps a running total of what we owe and when payment is due. Bills and Reminders software is easy-to-use tool with simple and intuitive interface,...
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 The Average Wage Earners Budget Manager Jul 13, 2005 605
The Average Wage Earner's Budget Manager is a complete home budget management system that was specially designed for those users whose primary source of income is hourly wages. This handy and powerful software treats you family economy as a series of pay periods, each one with its own concerns...
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 Mortgage Matrix Calculator Mar 20, 2005 512
Mortgage Matrix Calculator is the ultimate 32 bit mortgage spread calculator. It generates 2D spreadsheet type grids of answers for mortgage calculations with an exceptional degree of flexibility. Fast and easy calculate payments, loan amount, interest, and terms on grids from 1X1 to 50X50. Mortg...
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