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 Account Express Feb 4, 2004 355
Account Express tracks and reconciles transactions for credit cards, savings and checking accounts, and lines of credit. Budget preparation is made easy with the creation of user-defined income and expense categories, and the recording of details such as payees, income sources, and item descrip...
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 Duke: The Portfolio Watchdog Feb 4, 2004 312
Duke, the Portfolio Watchdog, tracks and monitors your stock movements, updates prices every 30 seconds, and makes recommendations about when to buy and sell your stocks (see screenshot). Duke will also track your gains and losses and current quotes, and create graphs of price histories You can...
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 AceMoney Feb 4, 2004 268
AceMoney helps you organize and manage your personal finances quickly and easily. AceMoney is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Swedish, with more languages to come. It supports all the features required for ho...
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 TradeKeeper Feb 4, 2004 248
TradeKeeper 1999-2002 AmericanWare, Wisconsin, U.S.A. All Rights Reserved. Designed & Developed in the U.S.A. TradeKeeper is a Microsoft Windows application designed for the active investor to help in tracking of stock/ option trades, portfolio gain/ loss reporting, and IRS Schedule D tax...
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 MyCash Mar 18, 2004 239
Do you need a solid dependable checking account program, but find that software programs like Quicken and MS Money are way too complicated and tedious for your standard checking, savings, and credit card accounts? Then find out what tens of thousands have found since 1989: MyCash is the best per...
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 Amateur Invest Feb 4, 2004 227
Amateur Invest. - Invest like a Pro... Let no internet site know your private economy. Keep your investments private! Manage all your personal finances in one program. Features include: - Portfolio/ Investment Manager - Securities: stocks, bonds, mutual funds - Free current prices via the inte...
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 AprCalc Feb 4, 2004 225
A 'Four-Star Editors' Pick' from ZD-Net! Read the review in their March 2001 issue! Rated 5-Stars at! A feature-rich mortgage amortization program with a polished user interface. Includes many new features and enhancements. Enter any three figures - the amount financed...
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 Master Investor 2000 Dec 12, 2005 154
Master Investor 2000 software was created to help individual investors and professional financial managers organize and analyze the information that is critical to making informed investment decisions. The software features comprehensive portfolio management and technical analysis system. Comprehens...
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 Home Buyers Calculator Suite Feb 4, 2004 147
Stressed out by real estate math? Here is the help you need! From loan qualifying to estimated closing costs and from amortization schedules to prepayment savings, Home Buyers Calculator Suite is a Windows real estate calculator suite of 13 calculators that let you play with the numbers. In ...
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 Biweekly Amortization+ Jan 13, 2011 145
Biweekly Amortization + is the first sensational software that reveals the bankers' secrets! This software application clearly demonstrates the effect of reducing the term and interest amount of a loan. Make payments every two weeks and benefit from it! You will see the savings available to you...
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