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 Retirement Investment Required+ Jan 13, 2011 108
Retirement Investment Required + is a very useful program for those who want to know how much the should invest per month to reach their retirement goals. Retirement Investment Required + calculates the amount of money required to provide a given monthly income at retirement with or without withd...
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 Savings/Pension Growth+ Jan 13, 2011 105
SavingsPension Growth + is a new powerful program created to visually demonstrate you how compound interest affects your long-term savings. SavingsPension Growth + can easily count the complete annuitization schedule for regular deposits with durations of up to 40 years at inputted rates of return....
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 VOShoppingList Feb 4, 2004 102
The #1 Pocket PC Shopping List comes to your Windows desktop! Easily manage, print and email your lists for any number of stores....
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 15 vs 30 Year Mortgage Jan 13, 2011 101
15 VS 30 Year Mortgage is a wonderful smart software that enables you to compare 15-years mortgage with the one that has a duration of 30 years. Count your mortgage interests itemizing your deductions! Subsidue your mortgage and receive credit for the increased interest you pay on a 30 year loan! Th...
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 Added Payment Amortization+ Jan 13, 2011 100
Added Payment Amortization is a wonderful feature-rich powerful software application, a version of an added payment schedule that demonstrates the effect of added payments to reduce the term of a loan and the amount of the interest paid. As you know, when you make additional payments when paying y...
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 Check2Check Feb 4, 2004 99
Check2Check is a unique checking and budgeting program to help you manage your money and lets you plan for the coming months and lets you see where your money is going. Check2Check can help you put money back into your account. Learn more about money management. Don't let money slip through your fin...
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 Loan Amortization+ Jan 13, 2011 97
Loan Amortization + software application is a wonderful new version of standard loan payment schedule, which might be used by any type loan where the simple interest is applied. The software is very feature-rich and its usage is not limited to the mortgage loans only. Fast and easily calculate and ...
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 Auto loan calculators+ Jan 13, 2011 97
Auto loan calculators + from Bent Tree Software is a version of a group of auto loan calculators with lots of remarkable features. It features all the latest types of financing og automobile loans and will help you solve all your loans problems easily and instantly. Auto loan calculators + features ...
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 MaxMortgage Jan 13, 2011 94
Max Mortgage + is a powerful new software application with plenty of remarkable features. Being a version of loan qualifier for either a fixed rate or a variable rate mortgages it will help you to easily understand what fixed rate and variable rate mortgage can be approved for you. Principal, inter...
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 FinaCalc Feb 4, 2004 94
Some of the features of FinaCalc include: * Calculate auto/ home loan payments, or enter a payment amount and calculate the principal which you can afford. * Plan for retirement by using the investment calculator, which lets you calculate the future value of an infinite number of investments. * V...
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