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 SuperPro DayTripper Feb 4, 2004 123
A great information manager for business or personal use....
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 Advanced Note Tree Feb 4, 2004 121
ANTtey is yet another information organizer, but it allows you quickly and easily build an tree of your information any way you like! You can use it to store any kind of hierarchical information, such as bookmark list, todo list, recipes book, project notes, personal contacts and so on. It can...
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 Parabens Daily Journal Feb 4, 2004 121
Keep a journal for business or personal use. Standard word processing interface including spellcheck & thesaurus. Encrypted files allow you to password protect your entries Supports multiple users. Browse entries with the navigation bar. Use a powerful search engine to search by date, keyword, sen...
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 Address Books Feb 4, 2004 118
Address Books allows the creation and management of multiple address books using the Windows Address book that comes with Internet Explorer 4 and 5. Books can be created, deleted, renamed, copied or merged. Any book can be set as the default book which will then be used by Outlook Express. Addres...
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 MOBILedit! Sep 13, 2004 113
MOBILedit! is an open system, bringing the ability to control the phone from your PC. After connecting the phone via cable, IrDA or Bluetooth, view the contents of the phone on the PC, do full-text searches, dial and send SMS's. With a simple click, backup all your data, copy them to differen...
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 PixtopianBook Feb 4, 2004 111
PixtopianBook is the ideal Personal Information Manager (PIM) for users from all walks of life. It has a built-in email feature, and a convenient phone dialer, among other powerful productivity features. It is fully customizable to fit your personal preference and unique individuality. Designed wi...
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 Cute Organizer Feb 4, 2004 109
Modern world races into future with truly blazing speed. New technologies allow us instant communication with our partners worldwide. We acquire more and more data as we deal with more and more people. Good old days when a bunch of sticky notes on the wall was enough to hold all the information on o...
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 Friendly Address Book Feb 25, 2004 108
The Friendly Address Book provides a cool, fast way to keep contact information and images of your friends in cards. Each card can be accompanied with an image from the embedded funny clipart, or - if you have a scanner - a real picture of your friend. The program supports phone dialling, busines...
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 4TOPS Document Management in MS Access 97 Feb 4, 2004 99
Use 4TOPS Document Management for document organization and management using your MS Access Database. Bring the benefits of a document management system to your ms access application. Create documents with content from your database. Instantly find and share documents. View all information on the do...
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 Dragonfly Feb 4, 2004 98
Dragonfly is a PIM (personal information manager) with a web-like user-interface that keeps track of contacts, meetings, reminders, tasks, and projects. Unlike other PIMs, Dragonfly acts as "backup" memory for you. It keeps a daily log of what you accomplish, provides a journal, allows you to...
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