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 DiaryPlus Feb 4, 2004 98
A Complete Organizer with 4 Different types of Diaries, Schedule your Work with To-Do List. No need to write on scratchpad there is StickyNotes included. Keep your Addresses/ Contact Details in one compact Database. No more excuses for forgetting birthdays/ aniversaries you can schedule them in Ala...
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 Smart Phone Recorder Sep 3, 2004 98
Features of Smart Phone Recorder: Now you can block unwanted calls by setting up the BLACKLIST. You can record an outgoing call at any time during conversation just by RIGHT CLICKING the 'Make Call' button. You can enlarge the three small window by clicking on the title button. Diale...
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 Info Book Pro Feb 4, 2004 97
Ninotech Info Book Pro is a useful program for Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4, 2000, and XP providing personal information management (PIM). Ninotech Info Book Pro has been developed to give you the features you need to manage information about your colleagues, contacts, friends, and family without...
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 Art Plus EasyNoter Feb 4, 2004 94
EasyNoter is top rated, cool looking and simple to use diary, notes, address book and reminder PIM (personal information manager) with full text search capabilities, web and e-mail connectivity and a well designed user interface which resembles a paper-based diary. Latest additions to EasyNoter ...
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 E-Secretary Feb 4, 2004 92
Keep yourself organized and focused with all your appointments with brief description about them stored for reference. Allows user to set up appointments for months in advance with a conflicting slots alert message. E-Secretary uses smart alarm to remind you of your appointments and updates you with...
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 Audio Notes Recorder Feb 5, 2006 92
Audio Notes Recorder is easy to use voice notes tool that records from microphone and all other sound sources you have with your sound card. it works in the system tray and has minimal resources consumption in combination with high usability and functionality. It has digital & analog operation modes...
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 Appointment Book Network (MLT) Version Feb 4, 2004 92
This is the network-enabled version of the above. The new version features automatic screen refresh. Suits networked professional and business offices: admin and sales offices, medical and health centers, outpatient clinics, veterinary clinics, dental clinics, optometrists/ opticians, audiol...
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 Argentum Coolbase Feb 4, 2004 87
Argentum Coolbase is a versatile information manager that can keep any kind of information, such as text, numbers, links, pictures and music, in a tree outline database. Argentum Coolbase can serve you as a note taker, a diary keeper, a recipe book, a personal contact list, a link organiz...
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 AMF Daily Planner Personal Information Manager (16bit) (CD Feb 4, 2004 86
The super sleek, fully network compliant, Internet-enabled PIM is finally here! AMF Daily Planner & PIM v8.1 is a super sleek, networkable, Internet-enabled, totally comprehensive personal information manager (PIM) for Windows. AMF Daily Planner & PIM includes a complete Rolodex (TM) style cont...
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 A-Ware 2000 Feb 4, 2004 84
A-Ware 2000 is the share-ware author's total solution for customer tracking, software/ program tracking, mass emailing and key-generation. Replace 6 software programs that you use now: Mail-Merge, Customer spreadsheet/ database, knowledge Base, bug-tracker, scheduler, to-do list. Key-Generati...
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