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 RightCardWare on CD-ROM Feb 4, 2004 61
RightCardWare? creates and scans digital business cards, with bar code accuracy. Yes, inexpensive business cards on paper stock! With RightCardWare? you laser print more than one kilobyte of contact information onto one side of Avery 5371 perforated sheets. You can also print self-sticking encodi...
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 Contact Expert Feb 5, 2004 61
Contact Expert is an ultimate contact manager for every business or home user. Manage your contacts alone or share them over your company's Local Area Network (LAN) seamlessy. Contact Expert provides an easy way to view maps online, dial a phone or send mass emails to your contacts. Contact Expert ...
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 CaBook Feb 4, 2004 61
CaBook is a custom action for MS Outlook Rules Wizard and MS Exchange Inbox Assistant. It adds address book manager custom action which can add the message sender's and recipients' information to the address book (either contact folder or personal address book)....
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 PixtopianBook Upgrade Feb 4, 2004 60
PixtopianBook is the ideal personal information management tool. Powerfull print capabilities. Support multiple users. Easily customizable. Small footprint. User friendly interface. E-mail capability. Phone dialer included. Password protection. That's not all to PixtopianBook! Here is the full list ...
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 Activity Counter Feb 5, 2004 60
Do you know how hard do you work? Do you use computer four hours, five hours per day ore more? How often do you have a break? Control of computer using is very important for your work day planning and healthy. This program can help you. "Activity Counter" is a PC events tracker that surveys the ti...
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 Mr Atomic Cookie Chips Muffin Mix Feb 5, 2004 59
Mr Atomic Cookie Chips Muffin Mix 1.0 is a personal information manager that is easy-to-use yet allows any user to locate important information quickly. Topics are listed alphabetically, and searches for words or phrases may be performed upon demand. Simply type in or copy and paste your informat...
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 7ContactMacClassic Feb 4, 2004 59
Customer relations management for small business. Easy to use, schedule follow up appointments, tasks, call reports, mail merge and letter writing, mailing labels. Upgradable. [Win/ Mac] 7Contact is a sub-set of 7Office, a comprehensive enterprise sales cycle solution -- customer price propos...
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 LightningMail Feb 4, 2004 59
LightningMail is a personalized mailing list management application with many features and excellent performance. LightningMail allows you to manage lists of over 2 billion recipients, create personalized messages using macro's and send all of it through it's built-in high automated SMTP client. Bo...
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 MyPeople Mar 18, 2004 58
MyPeople is software specifically designed to maintain personnel information for your organization. MyPeople has powerful and easy to learn features that you'll quickly find indispensable. MyPeople maintains information on past (inactive) employees as well as current employees. MyPeople also lets yo...
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 eGems Collector Pro Feb 4, 2004 58
eGems Collector Pro 2.0 is the easiest and fastest way to capture, organize and source your electronic research! It will help you save your valuable research "gems"- text, images and links - from the Internet, digital libraries, email and open applications....
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