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Name: Phone Dialer Pro
Status: Free to try, available for download
Version: 5.0
Platform: Windows
Size: 2.35 MB
Author: Jack Kozlowski
Published: Mar 18, 2004
Statistics: Phone Dialer Pro
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Home Page: Jack Kozlowski
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Phone Dialer Pro is designed as a substitute for the Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000 phone dialer. It is the ultimate dialer which comes with great features, such as different users profiles, speed dials, extended address book capacity, automatic redialing if the phone line is busy and the ability to display caller name and phone number (CallerID). It has an easily accessible phone book with subjected or indexed entries and the ability to hide phone dialer's dialing keypad so only speed dials can be seen. It can also dial a phone number without a modem. It also has special features that are directed to different groups of users: -For regular users: Phone Dialer Pro offers all desired features with built-in simplicity and ease of use. -For businessmen and professionals: Phone Dialer Pro can accept very long dialing sequences to accommodate calling cards, passwords and extension numbers. It can also accept requests from other applications such as PIM's (personal managers), databases, spreadsheets, word processors and address books. -For travellers: Phone Dialer Pro will always recognize international and long distance calls regardless of the originating call site (foreign country or another city) and will act appropriately, ie. by using predefined calling cards and/or additional prefixes to place a call. -For software developers: It can act as the Dial Engine by accepting command line parameters as a dialing string, keeping itself in minimized state and being always ready to place a call. -For investors and people using automatic banking systems: When the connection is made, a small window will pop-up on the screen, containing all the information previously recorded: your account no., password and other relevant information. The extra memo space is time stamped and allows the users to input their own information, such as: the name of the person the user spoke to, a transaction confirmation number or anything the user may need as reference. -For golf players, who often have a hard time calling to book a tee time: It will redial busy signals up to 999 times and when connected it will alert the user by playing a customizable sound through the computer's speakers. -For power users: To automate the dialing process Phone Dialer Pro will accept special dialing characters: "," ( 2 seconds pause), "$" (wait-for-billing-tone), "@" (wait-for-quiet) and "W" (wait-for-dialtone). It will accept and send to the modem unlimited number of dialing characters, subject to a hardware limitation. -For small businesses: It keeps detailed logs for all outgoing and incoming calls. The logs are self maintained; the user has option to specify for how many days it wants to keep the log entries. -For Multi-Users: Phone Dialer Pro can maintain multiple profiles; each has its own address book with speed dials and preserves user's preferrences. -For users without modems: Phone Dialer Pro can dial numbers direct to the phone receiver through the computer's speakers. Primary web site: ----------------- secondary web site (loads slower but without ads): -------------------------------------------------- Download link: -------------- Your comments, suggestions and/or bug reports please send to: -------------------------------------------------------------

Phone Dialer Pro is a "Free to try" program. You can download and try it for an evaluation period.

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