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 PowerPoint Slide Show Converter Nov 26, 2016 5058
PowerPoint Slide Show Converter was created to help the user of any level of proficiency in the creation of self-running slide show application (executable file) and screensavers. Just get this powerful application and have no more problems! Use Microsoft PowerPoint to make a photo presentation and ...
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 Rapid E-Learning Suite Deluxe May 19, 2010 610
Create highly interactive learning content without the need of complicated programming knowledge. Reduce your development time and cost! Your previous experience with PowerPoint gives you the flexibility to create courses. No complicated programming knowledge is needed. With the robust content conv...
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 Wondershare DemoCreator Aug 22, 2010 571
DemoCreator creates the powerful animated narration-based software tutorial just by three steps: Record, Enhance, Publish. DemoCreator records the screen activities from mouse movements and keystrokes typed to be used for creating training materials, software video tutorials or demonstrations. A...
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 MultiShow Mar 15, 2004 427
This software controls PowerPoint on a multi-display system. You can control up to three PowerPoint Slide shows simultaneously. You can also control each slide show individualy. You can also control the slide shows via an RS-232 serial interface. Each show can be run by script which will allow you t...
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 Parabens Flow Charter Aug 16, 2005 422
Parabens Flow Charter is an extremely powerful flow chart program designed to create professional flow charts, organizational charts, network diagrams, or any other business drawing using templates, shapes, symbols, or your own graphics. You can even optionally save your drawing and export dra...
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 PowerPoint to Video Sep 16, 2004 358
PowerPoint to Video Converting PowerPoint presentations into video file. Sharing your presentations to everyone....
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 Color Palette Standard Mar 8, 2004 330
Color Palette SE will allow you to change the default Excel color palette with new, brilliant and professionally designed palettes; you could change them or even create your own palettes. CP has 6 different palettes and 13 different charting palettes. You could choose among more than 1248 differen...
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 PPCkiosk Mar 15, 2004 254
PPCkiosk A Dual Monitor/ Projector Controller for Powerpoint. This software controls Microsoft Powerpoint on one monitor while showing on the other monitor or projector. This software requires a dual head video board or two separate video boards. Especially useful for PowerPoint presentations at tra...
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 Pic Cutter Apr 7, 2004 228
Anything you see is yours with Pic Cutter! Clip your favorite pictures or graphics from the internet. Nothing can stop Pic Cutter, it even freezes animations and rotating picture boxes at the press of a key! If you see it on your monitor, it is YOURS! You choose exactly what you want to save wi...
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 Media Maestro Feb 5, 2004 183
Media Maestro is a professional version of Mobile Media Master. So, it is a tool to create professional-looking media presentations from your digital images with sound effects or background music. Media Maestro gives you much more control over slideshow creation, more tools and tweakers. The resu...
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