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 II_WorkProject Mar 25, 2002 162
Tracks project working times. Keep track of how much time you spend doing different working projects. Build your own hierarchical project/ account tree. Easily start logging project time using the built-in elapsed timer. Project-Wizard support. Possibility to correct worked times with comment. Repor...
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 DocuTrack Office Version Feb 5, 2004 159
DocuTrack is our principle End User application and offers a solution to the growing paper mountain present in most modern offices. All UK Manufacturing and Distribution rights to the DocuTrack Document Management product are held by Excelerate Technology (UK) Ltd and all enquiries from Clients and...
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 Lefty (Macintosh) Feb 5, 2004 158
Managing your design project has never been easier. Lefty is the software application designed for designers. Lefty tracks project revenues, labour, overhead, expenses, and gives detailed profit & loss reports. Time sheet entries are tracked within each project by phases, tasks, and labour po...
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 Software Administration Kit Feb 5, 2004 151
The Software Administration Kit (SAK) is a unique all-in-one solution for customer tracking and order tracking, form letter and e-mail submission, sales report generation, version management and order fulfillment. SAK has been designed to meet the requirements of shareware authors and other e-com...
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 ASPPack GroupWare Jun 29, 2004 139
ASPPack Groupware par ITCom3 est un Intranet pret a l'emploi pour Windows. ASPPack vous permet de creer un Groupware au format web en quelques instants. Applications disponibles : agenda partage, repertoire des membres, carnet d'adresses, repertoire de sites Web, articles, calendrier d'even...
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 Project Planning and Management Aug 20, 2004 106
The Project Planning and Management template is designed as a generic solution to plan and manage any project. The ability to build the project?s budget as tasks are identified facilitates the processes of business case proposal, valuation analysis, and securing the required funding. Project dynam...
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 JobCost Controller for Excel Aug 19, 2004 89
Track your project expenses effectively and increase profits!. Construction Jobcost Tracking and Reporting System for Excel. Designed specifically for contractors, builders, remodelers, project managers, cost engineers and architects, JobCOST Controller tracks construction costs tied to user-de...
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 MinuteMan Feb 7, 2004 86
MinuteMan is a project management program. It can help you create a project schedule with the dates of tasks and milestones, make notes on each task, assign personnel to certain tasks, and track expenditures. It allows you to print Gantt and PERT charts and schedule and budget reports. It can gen...
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 RemodelCost Estimator for Excel Feb 7, 2004 82
Discover convenience and time-savings while increasing your bidding success. Remodel Construction Cost Estimating System for Excel. Designed specifically for home remodelers, builders, cost estimators and architects. RemodelCOST Estimator contains extensive industry standard user-modifiable unit ...
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 RepairCOST Estimator for Excel Aug 19, 2004 82
BUILD ACCURATEINSURANCE REPAIR ESTIMATES WHILE SAVING YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Designed specifically for insurance repair and restoration contractors and insurance adjusters. RepairCOST Estimator contains extensive industry standard user-modifiable unit cost data for all cost categories covering repai...
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