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 Izaxon Scheduler Feb 7, 2004 57
Izaxon Scheduler is a web based scheduling solution where users, in small or large organizations, can book any type of resource, e.g. meeting rooms, projectors and conference rooms. It is easy to add users and resources to Izaxon Scheduler using the web based administrator pages....
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 Follow That Project Feb 23, 2004 56
"Robust 'GUI' desktop application that Maintains Dates and Statuses of Jobs/ Projects independently with the ability to View them as a single entity. Displays overlaps in tasks to allocate necessary resources to avoid conflicts. Capable of performing 'What If' scenarios with dates.This is a 30-day t...
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 WorkTime Feb 7, 2004 55
WorkTime is a versatile project tracker that surveys the time you spent working with your PC. WorkTime launched on Windows start gathers statistics about projects you worked with, running programs, documents you open, web-sites you visited and time you spent for every of these tasks. WorkTime di...
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 AllNetic Working Time Tracker Jan 30, 2004 49
Tracks how much time you spend on different projects and tasks. Thanks to precise time tracking and accounting you can quickly and precisely calculate time spent on different tasks. You can bill your clients on time based on real reports. You can plan your working day better and be more effective in...
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 Strategy2Act Apr 11, 2006 35
Strategy2Act is a Balanced Score Card support software that will help you in building balanced score cards. BSC concept help in understanding of business strategy and goals, that's why they are so important for any business activity. Create Balanced Score Cards for any company, department or ...
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 Outlook Task Jan 10, 2005 23
Outlook Task is a very useful utility that will help you create a set of tasks in the Outlook task folder. If your task folder is always full of various records and you not always can identify their relevance and the action they require, it means you are working ineffectively and you need to employ...
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 Mind Pad Jun 22, 2009 21
Mind Pad is concept mapping and .NET mind software for Windows. This simple yet powerful tool makes the concept of mapping as easy as never! Create your own knowledge management system using Mind Pad scripting and macros functions as the software supports Visual Basic .NET. Mind Pad features powerfu...
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