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 2001 TetRize Feb 18, 2004 293
2001 TetRize is an ultra-modern 3-dimensional remake of the famous Tetris game by Alexey Pajitnov. The complete version of 2001 TetRize includes three types of game: Classic, Original, and Crazy. TetRize Classic is the simplest game. TetRize Original includes new bonuses. TetRize Crazy is the most...
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 Block Shifter Jan 10, 2007 284
The playing field is filled with colored blocks. The object of the game is to remove all the blocks from the playing field. Do this by swapping and shifting blocks so that three blocks of the same color form a vertical or horizontal line. When three blocks form a line, they are removed from the pla...
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 Roll Tetris Feb 18, 2004 260
Roll Tetris is a clone of the well known video-game. The cilynders falling down are previewed and you can drive them in order to cover completely an horizontal line that disappears. If you do'nt, the cylinders will accumulate one on the other so covering all available space. Installing this program...
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 MagicGames Feb 18, 2004 251
The MagicGames Collection is the set of funny logical games with built-in midi-player. At present there are «MagicLines», «MagicBalls», «MagicBeads», «Logic Trainer», «Tetcolor» and «Combat Engineer». You can download each game and play it separately or download the whole MagicGames Collection p...
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 Vitamin Feb 18, 2004 247
The goal of this game is to leave the field of the game free from color balls as long as it is possible. The number of balls in the field is increasing constantly. The game is over when there is no free space in the field. You can kill the balls, clicking on them. If you click on the ball of any fi...
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 JumBall Feb 18, 2004 241
JumBall is a simple but very addictive game. It requires lots of strategy to obtain high scores. In the game you order the balls to jump to your desired locations. When five balls of the same color are arranged in a row the balls will be eliminated. New balls are constantly adding to the board. You...
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 Gomoku Analyzer Feb 18, 2004 233
The program plays "GOMOKU" (Japanese game, well-known in a different countries). "GOMOKU" is one of five-in-a-row games. Two players can play in "Gomoku". Program will make moves for one of two players. One player plays with black checkers, another plays with white checkers. Play alternates betwee...
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 Five Plus Feb 18, 2004 229
Five+ is a single player highscore-oriented board game for Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 or higher. You play offline but can compete with other players from all over the world by posting your highscores to this website with a single mouseclick. The object of the game is scoring points which you get by...
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 SUPER Nisqually for Mac Jan 14, 2005 223
Super Nisqually is the "Super" version of the popular web game from GameHouse. You must arrange your pieces in rows and columns to remove them and try to clear the board. Each level increases in difficulty. Can you beat every level? Features: Play full screen (or in a window). All new game piece...
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 Sea Dreams Feb 22, 2004 220
Sea Dreams is a logic game, which will allow you to enjoy excellent graphic and natural sounds of the ocean. Sea Dreams is a minute of relaxation on the ocean beach. This game intend for people of different ages, but especially for children. With it's help you can develop your imagination and impr...
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