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 Metamorphs May 29, 2004 136
Metamorphs is an unusual puzle game with some absolutely new features. Metamorphs is dedicated mostly to all who use to utilize their mental abilities and posess a bit of that "grey substance" in their minds. besides, you can explore the wild nature with Metamorphs. Employ your imagination and all ...
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 Splotch the game Feb 19, 2004 136
Splotch is a game of logic and intuition with very simple rules. But, Oh how Captivating! You set red dots on the playing board, and the computer sets blue dots. The goal of the game is to enclose as many of your opponent's dots as possible, thereby 'capturing' territory. Splotch offers three gam...
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 Archibald s Ice Cubes Feb 19, 2004 133
Ice Cubes is a combinatorial and logical computer game based on an original idea. The game consists of a few tens of rounds at varying levels of difficulty suitable both beginners including children and advanced users. Other rounds can be downloaded from the homepage or can be created by means of a ...
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 BallSweeper Feb 19, 2004 133
Another addictive puzzle game. If you've liked Minesweeper for sure you'll love this game!...
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 Battleship Solitaire Feb 19, 2004 130
The game is a cross between the traditional game Battleship, the puzzle game of Picture Logic (or Paint By Number) and Minesweeper. The object is find the hidden ships in the grid using the numbers around the grid as clues to their location. Puzzle options include restarting the puzzle, showing t...
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 JigSaw 4000 Feb 22, 2004 129
JigSaw 4000 is a fine jigsaw puzzle game for Pc. Running in fullscreen, with 65, 000+ colors, high resolution and a big collection of images this game is suited for the hole family, as it contains no violence. The game have a simple interface, thought it's offers all the well known needed f...
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 Jammed Feb 19, 2004 128
Another simple but addictive puzzle game....
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 Critical Mass Deluxe Feb 22, 2004 127
From the labs of Big Fish Games comes perhaps the most addictive puzzle game ever made...Critical Mass. Critical Mass is part puzzle game and part action game. The three modes of game play and over 90 levels, will keep you clicking in a never ending quest to reach Critical Mass, and blow all the A...
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 Word Wizard Deluxe Feb 22, 2004 125
Word Wizard Deluxe from Big Fish Games. Try to lay out up to 70 words on a board...all made from the same 7 letters. A challenging game for word game fanatics....
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 WordHide Mar 18, 2004 124
WordHide is based on a popular word game in which a list of words is hidden within a square of random letters. The words are placed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally-- both forwards and backwards-- as the puzzle is created on the computer screen while you watch! You can create and use your...
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