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 SUPER Mah Jong Solitaire for Mac Jan 14, 2005 4260
A simple, elegant version of the classic tile game from GameHouse, Inc. This version includes many different tile layouts (more than the popular web version at, an Undo feature and built-in hints so you don't get stuck. You can also plug in your own music tracks using your own MP3 ...
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 Atomica Deluxe Jul 1, 2008 3690
Atomica deluxe game is very simple. Form molecules groupings of four to blast them from the screen. Create enough molecule matches in a row for a nuclear blast that helps clear the board. Get atomic with this spectacular new version of Atomica deluxe game, featuring all-new graphics, sound, and m...
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 Typer Shark Deluxe Jul 1, 2008 3607
Typer Shark is an excellent game for anyone who wants to improve their typing skills. Type the words on the sides of sharks to zap them! The deep sea is full of treasure and adventure, but it's also full of creatures that want to eat you. Have fun defeating piranhas, sharks, and other sea creatur...
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 Desktop Taipei Feb 18, 2004 3482
Desktop Taipei is a solitaire game. Includes 50 taipei and mahjongg game layouts (3 in demo version). Additional features: unlimited undo, hints, saving game records, changing backgrounds, changing tilesets, layouts editor....
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 Book worm game Dec 12, 2003 3211
Book worm game is an addictive game in which you create words by selecting letters from adjacent tiles. Completed words are converted to points and removed from the board. New tiles fall in from the top to fill in the empty tile positions. Creating longer words in the game will stave off burning til...
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 Chuzzle Deluxe Oct 9, 2006 2987
PopCap, the makers of Bejeweled and Zuma released Chuzzle Deluxe, the puzzle sensation to sweep the nation! Chuzzles are little colourful hairballs with eyes that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you push and pull them across the board. The aim of Chuzzle Deluxe is to match 3 or more of this funny ...
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 Rocket Mania Deluxe Jul 1, 2008 2864
Nowadays gamers looking for addictive game titles have a lot to choose from. But! PopCap has recently released a new puzzler to tickle your brain that provides a lot of fun, addictive gameplay to drain hours of your life away! Rocket Mania Deluxe is a new exciting pyrotechnic puzzler! Neat graphics...
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 Scopa Feb 29, 2004 2686
You can choice among three types of games: one game, 11 points game and 21 points game. The game will continue if it finished as a draw. At the beginning the player that shuffles the cards puts 4 uncovered cards on the table. Then he deals 3 covered cards at a time. The other player starts the game...
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 Super TextTwist Jan 14, 2005 2609
Features: Play Full Screen (or in a window). NEW! Play "Puzzle" mode without a timer! NEW! Find words with up to 7 letters! (Choose from three modes: 7 letters, 6 letters, or mixed) Thousands more words than web version. Link to online word definitions. Improve your vocabulary as you play. Trac...
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 Big Money game Jul 1, 2008 2438
Big Money Game - Quickly collect coins or risk breaking the bank. Greed is good in Big Money Deluxe! The PC version of Big Money Game offers 3 ways to play! Three different game modes cater to twitchy Action fans, the more relaxed Strategy player, and the cerebral Puzzle gamester. Earn your way ...
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