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 x15puzzle Feb 22, 2004 70
Besides the classical 4x4 puzzle, the game contains over 15 popular modifications, each with original shape or skin.. Registering x15puzzle from you obtain as a gift the registration code which is valid for ALL games in our MagicGames Collection ( x15, Lines, Balls, Tetcolor, Beads, Combat En...
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 Amazing Kye - Pocket Edition Feb 22, 2004 70
The Amazing Kye is a new type of game. It's a series of visual puzzles, many of which are in motion. The puzzles are arranged in increasing complexity. There are six tutorial puzzles that familiarize you with each puzzle piece and concept as you solve each of them. The Amazing Kye is an excellent e...
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 Jumpers Jan 10, 2007 70
Similar to the old board game Hi-Q. The playing field is filled with jumpers. Use the mouse to make a jumper jump another jumper. When a jumper is jumped it is removed from the playing field. The object of the game is to jump and remove as many jumpers as you can. If you end the game with only one j...
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 Wild Flipout Feb 22, 2004 70
Wild Flipout is puzzle game where you must flip tiles into the correct position to recreate a picture. Wild Flipout features 20 puzzle layouts, 30 wild animal theme puzzle pictures, 3 music selections, sound effects, game timer, move counter, rankings, save game, load your own custom puzzle ...
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 Elixir for Windows Feb 22, 2004 70
Try to collect the Elixir by removing all the capsules! Windows version of the popular web-based game. Hi-res graphics, soundtracks by Moko....
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 Crazy Minesweeper Feb 22, 2004 70
Are you a Minesweeper maniac? Then you have got to check out Crazy Minesweeper. The Crazy Minesweeper game area consists of three mine counters and the playing field. To uncover a square, use the left mouse button to click it. If it is a mine, you lose. If a number appears on the square, it speci...
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 FallingDown Mar 25, 2003 70
Falling Down is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Each level starts with a number of blue furries and red meanies on set above a grid of gates, by clicking on a row of the gates the open gates will be closed and the closed gates will open causing the furries and meanies to fall down the grid. The...
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 Puzzlic Advanced Feb 22, 2004 70
Make you brains work in a different way!!! Puzzlic Advanced - it's completely new generation of puzzle games, which differs from silly Tetris' and Lines Clones. Your task is to combine similar blocks and clean up all 150 game's levels. With the help of Levels Editor you can create a lot of your ow...
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 7D Swapper Feb 22, 2004 70
7D Swapper is a new logic game that is more interesting than the legendary Tetris and Lines. The simple rules and its fascinating logic make the game understandable and accessible to all players. The squared field 8x8 cells in a size is filled with the chesspieces of nine various types at random....
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 7D Rings Feb 22, 2004 69
7D Rings it is fine logic game. The game has a nice and clear interface with a lot of unexpected features. The game will require from you a certain attention and persistence because it will not appear to be simple to solve the puzzle that may seem so simple at first sight. The purpose of the game is...
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