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 Alchemy for Mac Jul 1, 2008 2340
Play Alchemy offline, anytime, with this enhanced Macintosh version! Features fantastic special effects, soundtrack, hints, and the brand new Internet High Score list to compete with players around the world! Transform the entire board to gold in this Mac conversion of the popular puzzle game, ...
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 Super WHATword! Jan 14, 2005 2322
Super WHATword! is the downloadable version of the hit word game from GameHouse. Swap balls in a 5x5 grid to form words. Form the special "WHATwords" to move onto the next level. Use letters which contribute to the Super WHATword for a special bonus! Players receive points for each word formed wheth...
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 Alchemy game Jul 1, 2008 2234
Alchemy game really makes your brain work. Here it is, the downloadable version of Alchemy game! Now you can play anytime you like, offline or on! In Alchemy, you are one such wizard, and you must transform the ordinary into the invaluable in this addictive, brain-tickling puzzler. The objec...
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 WordUp Jun 3, 2003 2141
WordUp combines the challenge of word games with the fun of computer entertainments. Make as many 3 - 9 letter words as you can by clicking on Letter Tiles adjacent or diagonal to each other. The bigger the word, the bigger you score - and the longer you get to stay in the game. In Arcade mode, y...
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 BigJig Feb 18, 2004 2102
BigJig by LenaGames is the best game for those who love big jigsaw puzzles. BigJig allows you to layout all the pieces, up to 950 in separate windows, with or without rotation. As an additional challenge, you can choose the Edgeless mode to solve the jigsaw puzzle without edge pieces. After ope...
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 SUPER Bounce Out! for Mac Jan 14, 2005 2060
Bounce Out! is the hit web game from GameHouse, and now is available as a full screen game for Windows. With a groovy sound track, sweet graphics and support for high scores, you might never want to sleep again. To view the web version of Bounce Out! visit Features: Play Full ...
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 Ningpo Mahjong Jul 1, 2008 1981
Relax while you enjoy Ningpo Mahjong solitaire game of tile matching. Ningpo Mahjong features include: multiple layouts, tile sets, and backdrops to choose from, plus great music, high scores, shuffle, undo, and hint options. An ultimate aim of Ningpo Mahjong game is to match tiles and clear ...
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 AstroPop Deluxe Jul 1, 2008 1866
Do you think most puzzle games are too slow for you? Or you can't decide between a puzzle game like Bejeweled and an auld-lang-syne-space-shooter? Then you are sure to like this exciting action puzzler from PopCap, creators of Zuma and Bookworm - AstroPop Deluxe! Vector and his pals are to perform ...
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 Diamond Mine Feb 18, 2004 1843
Catch some gem-matching fun with this supercharged Windows version of the hit online puzzle game, featuring hi-res graphics, awesome sound effects, and a brand new killer soundtrack, along with the classic gameplay Diamond Mine fans know and love....
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 Super TextTwist for Mac Sep 15, 2005 1768
Features: Play Full Screen (or in a window). NEW! Play "Puzzle" mode without a timer! NEW! Find words with up to 7 letters! (Choose from three modes: 7 letters, 6 letters, or mixed) Thousands more words than web version. Link to online word definitions. Improve your vocabulary as you play. Trac...
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