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 Super Glinx Jan 14, 2005 748
Super Glinx! is one of the latest hit games from GameHouse. If you've played the game Glinxp available on the web, you know how much fun this game can be. Super Glinx! has 6 modes of play, so you can find the difficultly level you want. Link matching pieces to form chains. Click on the last piece ...
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 Fill In Crosswords Feb 18, 2004 747
The object of fill in puzzles is to complete the crossword grid by using the given words. Puzzle options include the ability to remove a word from the grid, change the direction of the cursor, receive a letter hint, see incorrect letters, see the solution and print the puzzle. Playing the puzzle...
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 Alchemy Deluxe Jul 1, 2008 729
Own you very own copy of this classic taken to a whole new level. Alchemy Deluxe is packed with enhanced features including advanced graphics, new levels, sound effects, and more!...
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 Tetris:Crazy Edition Feb 18, 2004 722
Yet another version of immortal game of gifted Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov. Tetris:Crazy Edition is not just a remake. Yes, you're right, tetris and pentix game modes are also available, but...! There is a small creature -- two-legged animal -- at the bottom of the pit. Hey, your main aim...
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 Fruits Feb 19, 2004 703
Try this mind-challenging beautiful puzzle game. There is also a downloadable version available now with a lot of advanced features for your enjoyment: Unlimited play! 200+ levels with surprise rounds Beautiful full screen option Three different game modes Special Relax mode for endless fun A...
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 Align It Dec 2, 2005 629
Align It is an extremely addictive game for people of all ages with exciting gameplay, beautiful graphics and a list of other notable features. Align It gameplay is very simple yet addictive - the board is filled up with several nicely colored pieces. Your aim is to prevent the board from overflow ...
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 5star BeeLines Feb 18, 2004 629
5star Bee Lines is really exiting board game. Just align five or more balls of the same color and you'll get the points. The more you get the higher are your chances to stand in our World Hall of Fame. Compete on 5 different types of boards including hexagonal board, try all the game levels from Be...
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 Bubble Shooter Feb 22, 2004 613
A long awaited new version of this popular game. It has greatly improved graphics and speed. Score counting has changed a bit so we started the new Top table. The old one is still available on this page. A version with different colored skins is available now! You can download it here or here. Let u...
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 Bejeweled for Mac Jul 1, 2008 554
Play Bejeweled offline whenever you want with this supercharged version of the hit game! 3d gems, hints on demand, high score lists, and a pulse-pounding soundtrack are just a few of the new features. Catch some gem-matching fun with this supercharged Macintosh version of the hit online puzzle ga...
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 Go game joseki Feb 18, 2004 540
Go game joseki is important to go game fans. Our joseki software contains thousands of common used josekis with detailed explanation (explanation in Chinese, both Simplified and Traditional). When you select a point of move, all possible responses will be displayed for you to select next move agai...
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