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 Gems 3D Puzzle Game Feb 18, 2004 445
Gems 3D is a game of logic, chance and organization. With each turn 3 gems fall on the playing board, and player gets a chance to move one gem in order to form lines of 5 or more gems. Once a line is formed the gems that combine it disappear, player scores points and gains free board space. The g...
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 Overflow Feb 18, 2004 435
In this unusual puzzle game your task is to rescue water pouring helplessly over the land. Without this water nothing will survive. You are equipped with SuperGOO under the control of your mouse. With this you can re-direct the flow of the water to safety. Each level is set against the clock and you...
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 JMPuzzles Feb 18, 2004 435
JMPuzzles is a type of very addictive puzzles. Its difficulty varies from very simple to just impossible, which could amuse you for hours! You draw the picture in accordance with the numbers to the left of the rows and on top of the columns. The picture is made up of filled squares and blank square...
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 Mahjongg Towers Feb 19, 2004 435
Mahjongg solitaire as you never seen it before. Play traditional 144 tile layouts or step up to the 'towers', with up to 432 tiles and up to 9 level deep. Mahjongg Towers will keep the best Mahjongg masters busy for months. With game play variety ranging from quick 80 tile diversions to grand maste...
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 Awale Feb 18, 2004 417
Awale is one of the most ancient games still played. The Masai say that the Awale was invented by Sindillo, the son of the first man, Maitoumbe, and was originally called geshe. This fascinating African game (also known as Awele, Oware, Wari, ...) has been very attractively adapted on microcom...
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 3 Blaster Jan 12, 2007 409
The playing field contains several colored blocks. The object of the game is to blast away all the blocks from the playing field. Do this by moving blocks from the inner ring of blocks into the playing field. When three or more blocks of the same color touch they are removed. Continue doing this unt...
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 AnumJong Jan 12, 2007 402
AnumJongg is a unique variation of classic Chinese Mahjongg game with either numbered tiles or the usual Chinese characters. AnumJongg stands for "A Numbered MahJongg" game. There are many game boards including classic board, and many other challenges and levels of difficulty. You?ve got a unique p...
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 Runes, the Ancient Oracle Jul 4, 2008 401
Runes, the Ancient Oracle is the Rune casting software with many remarkable features. It is very easy to use thanks to the extensive use of menus and keyboard shortcuts. Relax and have fun with Runes Oracle! This complete Rune casting tool lets you cast the runes in 7 spreads: Odin's Rune, ...
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 CTris 2000 Feb 18, 2004 394
CTris 2000 is another variation of the falling-blocks theme. It includes the popular Column game and six additional variations of Column/ Tetris-style game. CTris 2000 features: seven game modes, beautiful 256 color blocks skin, customizable background, cool MIDI and sound effects, user-defined ...
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 Wild Snake Feb 18, 2004 388
The nest of deadly snakes has been disturbed by seismic experiment in a remote location. Now the snakes are slithering to the surface, causing confusion and terror and attacking everything that crosses their path. There is a way to control this madness, but it?s not going to be easy. The snakes fr...
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