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 B-Jigsaw for Windows 9x/2K/Me/XP Feb 18, 2004 385
B-Jigsaw is the electronic version of the classic jigsaw puzzle game, with pieces shaped like the real jigsaw pieces. B-Jigsaw allows you to create and play jigsaw puzzles with your own pictures. You can also print them on paper or send them to your friends via e-mail. B-Jigsaw features nice sample...
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 Super WHATword! for Mac Jan 14, 2005 384
Super WHATword? is the downloadable version of the hit word game from GameHouse. Swap balls in a 5x5 grid to form words. Form the special "WHATwords" to move onto the next level. Use letters which contribute to the "Super WHATword" for a special bonus! Features: Timed or non-timed play! Pause ga...
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 ColorFun Aug 25, 2004 374
A very nice tetris-like puzzle game in which you should eliminate blocks of one color. ColorFun features three modes of gaming, three difficulty levels, customizable number of blocks, game with bombs, beautiful 24bit graphics, jolly sounds and much more. There are many different block sets. Col...
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 Crossword Puzzles Apr 18, 2005 374
If you are a crossword fan, and like solving crosswords, then Crossword Puzzles software is exactly what you need! Solve crosswords on your computer, and print them out for solving elsewhere or save them for finishing later. Crossword Puzzles software possesses a set of wonderful features: get a ...
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 PipeFun Nov 17, 2005 370
Like PipeDream and Tetris-type games? Try PipeFun! This is an incredibly addictive puzzle game training your speed and reaction. Connect various pieces of pipe together by rotating them in this brain-bending puzzle! PipeFun game possesses a number of unique features; among them are 3 difficulty leve...
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 Chillax Feb 18, 2004 366
This is a puzzle game where the goal is to remove all the colored playing pieces from the board. This sounds simple enough, but finding the solutions to the levels becomes very difficult as you progress. This shareware edition contains a limited set of the 100+ levels found in the registered versio...
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 AquaPuzzle Pentic Feb 21, 2005 363
Do you like to put the puzzles together ? Then AquaPuzzle Pentic, an amazing multi-level puzzle game is just what you are looking for! Enjoy this wonderful relaxing and recreating game, its atmosphere and rich features. The remarkable features of AquaPuzzle Pentic are high color graphics, excell...
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 Jigsaws Galore Direct Edition Feb 18, 2004 360
The Ultimate Windows Jigsaw Player/ Creator! Powerful! Play, create and e-mail jigsaws from 4 to 64, 000 pieces. Easy! Even a complete novice can start solving jigsaw puzzles immediately. The jigsaw preview screen makes finding your favorite jigsaw a snap where you can also choose the number of pie...
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 BowlingTile Feb 18, 2004 351
BowlingTile is a tile-based logical game. As a level begins, the playing field is full of tiles. The goal is to remove all tiles by pushing them with your bowling tile. The game has 10 time-limited levels....
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 Accessible Word Scramble Feb 18, 2004 345
The object of this game is to unscramble 5 words in as little time as possible. It is a race against the clock. The game is timed, but there is no time limit. The game screen is a grid with 2 rows. The scrambled word will appear in the top row, and you must move the letters in the scrambled word t...
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