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 Draw5 Feb 16, 2004 200
Animated cards, a real human voice and visual prompts for hand values, sounds and animation can be turned off!, high score logging. Like all previous versions Draw 5 can be played with the keyboard or the mouse....
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 dSlots Feb 17, 2004 151
Are you ready for a fun and easy to play slot machine game that has great graphic's? Well, dSlots is here and waiting for you to play! We have a simple slot machine game that allows you to concentrate on playing (and winning) not on which button you need to press and when! Unlike other slot machine...
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 jViewer Apr 14, 2004 143
jViewer is RANWare's brand new image viewer/ browser/ slideshow manager! This single program allows you to do most of your image functions from one simple and easy to use screen. You've download a lot of images from the internet (or news groups) and now it's time to sort through them. One problem is...
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 ClipWatcher Jan 27, 2004 119
ClipWatcher helps you manage multiple URLs, e-mail addresses, and file names after they have been copied to the clipboard. Instead of misplacing an important URL, you can always find it, and return to the clipboard when needed....
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 cWatch Jan 27, 2004 71
cWatch is a Cookie and Cache monitoring program that helps you monitor and manage not only your Internet Browsing but also your system operations. Unlike other similar applications, cWatch tells you when changes occur as they occur and let's you make the decisions about what should or should not b...
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 jSaver Mar 13, 2004 42
Now you can scan in all those vacation, holiday, children and pet pictures and really show them off! jSaver will let you display all of your pictures one at a time automatically! You just select the folder and the amount of time you want each picture displayed and jSaver takes over from there!...
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